Private Study Notes

How would study notes written by a lecturer help you?

For a moment imagine you have access to the detailed private study notes

In addition, how well will you be prepared for your exams if you could:

  • compare your assignments (cheat free)
  • work through questions together
  • do mock exams
  • and get assistance from expert lecturers when you need it most?

I would like to believe you can see how much your chances of success would improve!

Today You Can Get Instant Access To:

  • Private Study Notes from our lecturers
  • Compare your MCQ assignments (it can’t be copies or stolen by someone else)
  • Compare answers with current students in your group
  • Work through Questions with other students in your group
  • Get assistance from dedicated Lecturers
  • Mock Exams and answers
  • Ask any questions and get help

Start today and give yourself the best possible chance to pass

1. Click the button below
2. Choose your course
3. Make the investment in your future

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Next, you will be added to your chosen study group, and you have access to all the materials and help you would ever need.

If you were to do this by yourself:

1. Study notes, when bought individually cost up to R500. Then you only get one person’s study notes.

2. Exam mock up’s are going between R200 – R350. Then you only get one.

3. A private tutor will cost you around R250 per hour and you would need at least ten hours, That is R2500

When you join today you will get:

1. Access to a qualified tutor in your group that can help you.
2. Access to 9 Years of study notes of hundreds of students currently studying and students who have already successfully completed their degree.
3. Private collection of mock up exams you can use.
5. Access to everyone in your group where you may ask questions and get answers from student are busy with the same course as you.

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Last updated:  July 9, 2017

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