TWP is now selling our notes in the Shop!

For many years students have been asking if they can buy the resources without joining our study groups.  We have resisted this for a long time as we believe that the benefit of social learning is so much more than just getting our resources.

You have now persuaded us to do things differently!

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For the first time you can now buy our notes in the online shop!

Our study notes are written by our TWP lecturers, and cover the entire syllabus.  Some of these have been developed and refined over many years and are an excellent resource for anyone wanting that little bit extra to get them ready for finals.

The notes we have available right now are as follows:

AUE1601 _R200
AUE2601 _R200
ECS1501 _R200
FAC1601 _R200
INV2601 _R100
MAC3701 _R200
TAX3701 _R200
MAC1501 _R200
MAC2601 _R200
MAC3702 _R200

We will be releasing more over the coming weeks.

2017 Exam packs are being released 2 weeks before each exam

So keep an eye out for our announcements for when they come available.

Of course we still believe that joining a study group is your best option.  Make sure you check out all the options in our online shop.  Just search your module code and you will see all that we have to offer for each subject.

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