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33 thoughts on “Skills Academy Login”

  1. Hi , I’m Millicent. I have registered for beauty therapy and I really like the course as it will empower me with knowledge on taking care of my beauty and also for others whom I’ll be assisting. I hope this group will create a friendly learning environment for me as the rest of you guys.

  2. Hi, My name is Faith i have registered to study coperate forensics. The reason for my studies is that i want to change careers with my current career i work shifts and i cant work shifts forever

    1. Hi guys my name is Faith Ndou. I just received my package of a study guide and Business English , I am doing National certificate Bookkeeping . I hope I am in the right study group.

  3. Good morning
    On Assignment 3 of Payroll and Monthly SARS, question 3:
    Carol has Travel Allowance and a company car…only one is allowed. Which one are we supposed to use in such a case?

  4. Malethabo Constance Mahlong

    Good afternoon I would like to be added on the Business Management group please. I have been struggling with other assignment on the computer practice. Will be much appreciated if you guys can help me.

  5. Hi there

    Having some trouble with ratios.

    Help me with the calculation please.

    A father gave a certain amount to his children.
    Eldest 2/5
    Second 3/8
    Youngest the balance of R4050

    How much did the eldest and second receive?

    1. Hi Soraya its Lydia i also struggling with that did you find help

      please can you help me with that 1/8 to the normal please formula to get 4500 /1/8

  6. Hi my name is simangaliso I’m new here and I’m studying production and operations management and I’m so happy to be part of the group,looking forward to studying with you guys.

  7. hey everyone I’m studying business financial management i would like to be put in a study group to go through all my subjects

  8. I have received my very First package from Skills Academy regarding my Office Management course Business English Textbook and Study Guide……I have just started Module 3…..super Excited enjoying my Studying so much

  9. Mthobisi Wonder Ndlovu

    Greetings I would like to be added on Project Management Group

  10. hi my name is Lydia studying Technical fnancial accounting and now im busy about business literacy an you add me to the relevant group please

  11. Hei everyone
    Am sibonile simelane
    Am studying supply chain logistics and management.I would like to meet my classmates

  12. Hi there.

    My name is Michelle. I am studying Office Management. I am studying so that I can expand my knowledge, gain essential skills needed to be happier in my career and to quantify my skills.

  13. Hi guys.
    My name is Kaylin Bieding.
    I’m currently studying a Marketing management course.
    I would like to be added to the relevant group. Therefore I would be able to get to work and communicate well with those who chose to follow the same career path.
    I am studying so that I can could gain more knowledge and improve my skills in order to achieve my goals and become successful and one of the brightest individuals.

  14. Hello Guys
    My name is Siyabonga Nyawuse
    I’m currently studying Project Management course
    I chose Project Management so that I can gain some knowledge about running a business
    I’m looking forward to studying with you guys

    Thank You

  15. Hello guys
    My name is Thabo
    So I’m currently studying phography course
    I chose photography because I want to learn more about it and don’t forget that photography is art and if used wisely.
    I’m looking forward to studying with u guys.
    Thank you

  16. Hello
    Am skosana relabohile am already doing matric looking forward to do nursing course

    Thank you

  17. Menoly Wolmarans

    Hlo I’ve received my first study materials and I’m so excited to start. HR course and I must say it looks promising looking forward.

  18. Menoly Wolmarans

    Hlo guys
    It’s almost time for my assignment to go in can someone please help me with one question I’d really appreciate it .
    Menoly Wolmarans

  19. Menoly Wolmarans

    Hlo guys
    Can someone in the HR course help me with this question I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find the answer “Name and explain the 8 steps to planned change “.
    Thank you
    Menoly Wolmarans

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