Students Panic with Slow Release of Unisa Exam Results

It is that time of year again – UNISA registration is about to close, but many results are still outstanding.  Students are panicking as an already short term ticks by, and the close of registration looms.  Our Facebook page is buzzing with UNISA students speculating when the results will be released, and what they should do about registering.

My thoughts on the matter are simple – trying to fight UNISA is like trying to fight the weather.  If it is cold – DRESS WARMLY!  If you don’t, you are the only one that is going to be miserable – the weather isn’t going to notice!  As with UNISA, rather than getting angry, worrying and missing out on valuable study time every term, put a strategy in place that can help.


The best strategy I have come across is to stagger your registrations so that you are not reliant on this terms results for your registration.  How does this work?  Very easy.


  1. If you registering for Accounting1A and Economics1A in TERM 1, then obviously you have to wait on the results before you can register for Accounting1B and Economics 1B as the 1A subjects are pre-requisites.
  2. So in Term 2 take Business Management 1A and Psychological Processes in the Work Context 1A instead.  You don’t have to wait on any results, and you can get started in the first week of UNISA registration, gaining a whole extra month of study time.
  3. Then in Term 1 next year you can take Accounting1B and Economics 1B without any hassles as you got your results 6 months previously…


If you keep alternating your subjects you never have to wait on UNISA again! Send us your outstanding subjects and we will run a list of them on Facebook.


So good luck this term everyone!  Take a deep breath, get registered and lets work together for awesome results in Term 2 2013!


Written by Tabitha Bailey

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