Study Junior Bookkeeping Course through Distance Learning

Do you want to study junior bookkeeping course through distance learning?  Now you can with Together We Pass and our private distance learning college TWP Academy.  Our junior bookkeeping course is fully accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), and takes one year to one and a half years for a distance learning student to complete.


ICB Certified Junior Bookkeeper CourseStudy junior bookkeeping course through distance learning


A fully accredited ICB junior bookkeeper course is a great way to start a career in accounting.  Remember that a senior bookkeeper is just a junior bookkeeper.  So if you long term goal is to be an accountant then this is the right start to your career.

Once you have completed the junior bookkeeper course you will be able to gain entry to the senior bookkeeping course, and then on to become a qualified technical financial accountant.  From there you can sign up to be a full diploma and become a qualified financial account.

Once you completed the full diploma course you then have the correct entry requirements for CIMA, where you can take your qualification right up to the level you would receive if you started your studies at university.  So from the humble beginnings of a junior bookkeeper you are on the right part to become a fully qualified accountant with the same qualifications as a university graduate.

Why study bookkeeping?

The simple answer is because it is relatively easy to get a job if you have a bookkeeping qualification.

The reason we can say this with confidence is that bookkeeping is listed on the Scarce Skills list published in 2015.  That means that government did studies to see what industries do not have enough qualified staff for the available jobs.  Here is a list of accounting and bookkeeping positions in which there are currently a shortage:

  • Trainee Accounting professional
  • Finance Supervisor
  • General Accounting professional
  • Accounts Clerk
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Debt Collector

These are all positions which the ICB bookkeeping and accounting courses train you for.


Get ICB Qualified at Matric College

Matric College offers various ICB courses that you can complete from the comfort of your own home. These courses will help you get qualified in each respective field of study. Become a financial professional with their industry leading Financial Accounting qualifications. Start at a NQF 3 (Grade 11 equivalent) and work your way up to a NQF 6 (National Diploma)

They also offer courses in Office AdministrationEntrepreneurshipBusiness Management, and Public sector accountingKick start your professional career with Matric College and the ICB.


What is a junior bookkeepers function in the office?

A junior bookkeeper keeps the basic accounting records for the business.

This list covers some of the basic functions you would probably do in an office as a junior bookkeeper:


  • The completion of the month-to-month bookkeeping function to trial,
  • Supplier declaration reconciliation
  • Inventory systems and bank statement reconciliation,
  • Calculation of PAYE/ SDL/ UIF reimbursement and the monthly EMP deductions and conclusion of the regular monthly EMP201 returns,
  • Conclusion of yearly IRP 5, IRP 6 and IT 3a files, EMP501 and VAT201 return using both manual the manual submission system and E-filing.


What subjects will I do in my junior bookkeeper course?


There is one subject from TWP Academy and four compulsory subjects from the ICB that need to be successfully completed:


  • Intro to Organisation English (From TWP Academy)
  • ICB Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  • ICB Payroll and Regular monthly SARS Returns
  • ICB Computerised Bookkeeping
  • ICB Business Literacy

How is my ICB junior bookkeeping course examined?


In order to be evaluated you have to submit the ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE).  This PoE consist of 3 developmental activities, 2 formative examinations and one summative assessment that you complete at home before you write your exam. You keep these assessments in a folder that you take to your final exam, and your completed exam paper is the final piece that goes into the folder which is now your completed PoE.

You hand the entire PoE in at the exam and it is the assessed to see whether you are competent.

The assessments that you did are home count for 30% of your final mark, and the exam 70%.


For how long is the ICB junior bookkeeping course?


The ICB junior bookkeeping course should take you a year, but through distance learning can take up to a year and a half.


What certificate will I get?


You will receive 3 different certificates in this course.


  1. The most important one is the from FASSET SETA, which is your  National Certificate in Bookkeeping (Junior Bookkeeping).
  2. You will also receive a Programme Completion Certificate from the ICB.
  3. TWP Academy will also send you a Programme Completion Certificate from the college which is delivered by courier so you can get it in your CV and start job hunting as quickly as possible.


When can I start my studies?


Another great thing about home study is that there are no set terms.  You can start whenever you want - as in right now!  Fill in the form on this page and our friendly student consultants will give you call and help you further.


Why should I study the Junior Bookkeeping course through distance learning?


There are three major reasons why so many people are choosing to study via distance learning.

The first is that the fees are cheaper than a campus education.  With distance learning you are not paying for grounds, and lecturers for every classroom through your fees.  There are so many overheads to running a campus that mean fees are much higher than when studying through distance learning.

Secondly, you can study while you work which helps you to pay these fees.  You can still look after yourself and your family, and at the same time further your education so that you can create the better future you  have always dreamed of.

The third reason, often overlooked, is that you gain valuable work experience while you study.  You wont believe the number of graduates who cannot find employment because they have the best qualifications - but no work experience.  In an economy with a huge scarcity in jobs employers are getting very picky, and they are very happy to ask for qualifications AND experience.  So if you are getting work experience in the meantime you are putting yourself far ahead of the crowd.

Can I study the junior bookkeeping course through distance learning if I don't have a Matric Certificate?


Yes, you can study ICB Accounting without Matric.

You do not need a Matric to start any of the qualifications from ICB, which his why we like them so much.  No one is excluded from further studies!

For the ICB junior bookkeeping course all you need is grade 10, and to be at least 16 years old.  Once you have completed the Junior Bookkeeper qualification this gives you entry to the higher level courses which take you 2 levels beyond the Matric level.  For anyone who did not get a matric certificate this is a really lovely way to get started on the path to a great career.


Last Updated: August 20, 2020