Study Tips for ICB Bookkeeping Courses

Studying any course can work on anybody’s nerves. One way of lowering your stress levels are by studying, and also, studying efficiently. There is not set way for everyone to study – one person might study enough by reading and the next person has to work a bit harder and practice everyday. That’s why we decided to give you some study tips to ace those ICB Bookkeeping courses.

Learning Key Concepts

The most important thing in a bookkeeping course is to know your key concepts. Without these you can’t continue and do the practical work. It is important that you understand how and why these concepts are and do what they do. For example, understanding a balance sheet and knowing how and why credit and debit work together. The best way to ensure you understand your ICB Bookkeeping concepts is by completing your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and doing every exercise and focusing on what you struggle with. Work harder on the concepts you are not getting the first time around.

Preparing For Exams

Here you first have to make sure that you worked through all your key concepts and understand the how and why. You need to know the material and make sure you practiced everything. The how and why will help you in the exam as the exam is not going to be a copy of your work you’ve done. It is going to be asked from different angles so the work needs to be understood.

When taking the exam it is a good idea to first scan your exam paper. Look at which problems are easier and which ones will take you longer to do. Do the easy problems first and come back to the ones that will take you longer to do. Focusing on the problems you struggle with can end up taking too much time and then you didn’t get to the ones you can do.

Another tip for the exam is to budget your time. When a problem only counts for a few marks, don’t spend a half an hour on it. Read the problem carefully too. You have to make sure answer everything that is asked of you otherwise you won’t get your full marks.

The most important thing to remember when writing your exams are to remain calm and breathe. If you put in the work and studied efficiently beforehand, you should and will be fine. Hard work pays off and exams are the best way of proving this.

ICB Bookkeeping courses can be a daunting thing to study since so many people are afraid of accounting. This does not have to be the case. If you want to prove that accounting is nothing to be afraid of, why not sign up today for an ICB bookkeeping course?