The Best Things in Life are 3GB – UNISA 3gig Offer

Described on the MyUNISA website as “a South African first”, students should be dialed up with excitement at this latest offer.


What is it?

 The Best Things in Life are 3GB!

Simple. R600 paid upfront for 3GB of data per month. That amounts to R100 per month for 3GB of data. Anyone who has sped through 1GB knows that this is a phenomenal deal!  This offer will be available from the 1st of August 2013.

To clear up the confusion from a few users on our Facebook page, that’s a once-off payment of R600, and this gets you the 3GB per month.

Do note that this offer is for Unisa students registered for a formal qualification, and residents of South Africa.


For more information, check out the table below.  All four major service providers have signed on for the deal, however MTN does not appear on the MyUnisa page.

What are the benefits?


This is unbelievably CHEAP!!!   MTN charges R299 per month for 3gigs of data (with 2GB free) on a 24 month contract.  This is expensive, and locks you in for 2 years.  Some service providers are offering 2gigs for R99 per month, but again there is the pain of the 2 year contract.  This really is a revolutionary offer, which we fully approve of!


Why is no contract a benefit? You are not bound by payments, running into trouble if you run out of money later.  Which means you can’t get blacklisted. For students who often worry about debt, this is a safe option. Yes, terms and conditions do apply, but this is a really great deal.


Why should you care?


Because you can’t lose! In this age of technology, no one can live a modern life without being connected. Compared to so-called developed nations, South Africa has favourable connection speed, at competitive rates.  With all network providers expanding their reach, and competing to give consumers the best possible prices, students emerge the winners.


Registered UNISA students can now browse longer and make the most of their learning experiences.  Google and Youtube have become central to the learning experience of many students around the globe.  Now UNISA students can follow this trend, and discover just how much additional information they kind to help them pass their UNISA courses.  It also enables students to join online study groups, such as the ones offered by Together We Pass.


Useful Tips

  1. According to this article
  2. 3GB (or 3072MB) of data lets you send or receive about 3,000 emails and browse the internet for about 60 hours every month.
  3. To make the most of your data, avoid watching too many videos online. This cuts into your data.
  4. On your smart phone, be careful when using apps, keep track of them as a few might be guilty of draining your data. Read here for more info.
  5. If you are in wi-fi area, don’t forget to turn your 3G back on when you leave to ensure you remain connected.

Together We Pass is thrilled at this wonderful deal that UNISA has arranged for UNISA students.  This will allow students to access the support they need in our study groups: discussing coursework, comparing assignments and sharing resources.  We hope you take full advantage, and join our study groups soon!

Join Together We Pass today to start accessing awesome study support!

Please read through this table to see what the various offers are.  We have highlighted the three major extra benefits that could sway your decision on who to go with.


Cell C

Telkom Business


Basic offer

3G (data only) per month for 6 months

3GB to use during the day + 3GB at night (data only)

3G (data only) per month for 6 months


R100 per month (R600 payable upfront)

R100 per month (R600 payable upfront)

R100 per month (R600 payable upfront)


To be purchased at additional cost at Cell C stores. If required

To be purchased at additional cost at Telkom stores. If required

To be purchased at additional cost at Vodacom stores. If required

Length of contract

6 months

6 months

6 months

Option to renew contract




Option to top up




Out of bundle costs

R0,15 per MB once data is finished

R1,00 per MB once data is finished

R1,00 per MB once data is finished

Unused data

Unused data will not be carried over to following month

Unused data will be carried over for one month

Unused data will be carried over for one month

Collection of SIMS and/or modems

Purchased from outlets and Cell C stores

Nearest Telkom mobile outlet unit

At any Vodashop outlet

Written by Jerome Cornelius

Helping Unisa Students with their Assignments

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5 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life are 3GB – UNISA 3gig Offer”

  1. Hi there,

    Is there a number i can call for this 3G, i bought the 3G but with a number that is used by someone else.
    Can i be assisted ?

    1. Hello since i bought 3g data on the 01-03-2016 for this No. 0825011921 but up untill know i haven’t receive it. please help. Receipt No. is 20160301-9269-054

  2. can someone pls help. from where do I buy the 3 gigs . from unisa or one of the outlets. what is the process as unisa does not know anything about it? pls call me on 0723344554

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