The Difference Between A Recheck And A Remark

  • People want a re-evaluation for various reasons.
  • During a recheck, the examiner will make sure that all questions were marked and added up correctly.
  • During a remark, the examiner will mark the paper all over again.
  • At Matric College you can study without matric.

The difference between a recheck and a remark is that one will check if the marks are added correctly and the other will mark the paper again.

During this process, you might have a few questions, such as:

  • Why do people request re-evaluation?
  • What happens during a recheck?
  • What happens during a remark?
  • Can I study without Matric?

Why Do People Request Re-Evaluation?

The reasons why people may want a recheck or a remark are:

  • Failing certain or all of their papers.
  • Required a few more marks for a degree pass.
  • They required higher marks for one subject.
  • Suspect that there was incorrect marking. 

What Happens During A Recheck?

A recheck is when an examiner does the following:

  • Ensure that all questions are marked.
  • Check that marks were added up correctly.

The mistake many learners make is thinking that a recheck will increase their marks drastically. 

The chances are that it will not. If you did not receive the results you were hoping for, you could increase your marks by applying to Matric College.

Matric College offers courses that will upgrade your matric certificate and help you to get to the top. 

What Happens During A Remark?

During a remark, the examiner will mark your paper again. Strict marking schemes are set into place for each remark.

This means that you should not expect a different examiner to be more lenient than the previous one.

If you have failed, you can redo your matric subjects or even study further without matric. 

remark and recheck

Can I Study Without Matric?

Yes, you could further your studies without a matric certificate and still achieve your goals.

The courses you can study:

ICB Courses

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers offers accredited courses that do not require matric. They have 3 study streams 2 of these streams you can study without a matric certificate:

These courses can help you work your way up to a degree, get a decent job or even take your career abroad as they are nationally and internationally recognised.

Short Courses

Matric College also offers various short courses:

NATED Courses

You can start your NATED course with a matric certificate. Specific NATED courses can be started with a matric equivalent certificate. The NATED courses offered at Matric College are:

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Last Updated: 25 November 2021

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