Tourism Practical Assessment Tasks

Changes in Format for the Tourism Practical Assessment Tasks (PATs) 2021

The format for the tourism practical assessment tasks has changed in line with the Teacher Guideline made earlier in 2021. These Practical Assessment Tasks were designed for subjects that have a practical component. 


Teachers will now be part of a discussion with the Provincial Education Department (PED) on how to prepare for the Practical Assessment Tasks.


The principals and Heads of Departments responsible for Tourism should ensure that teachers for this subject use the Teacher Guidelines. 

The Administration Of The Tourism PAT

Here is the important information you need for the Tourism Practical Assessment Task:


  • Dates: The Tourism Practical Assessment Tasks should be administered between 2-13 August 2021
  • Responsibility of Districts: The districts should ensure that the Practical Assessment Tasks for 2021 be distributed to all schools that provide the subject at Grade 12 level.
  • Controlled conditions: The Practical Assessment Tasks will be administered in school hours and under controlled conditions.
    • This means that it should be supervised and an invigilator should be appointed by the school principal. 
    • The teacher(s) of the tourism subject cannot be the invigilator.
  • Time allocated: The time allocated for the Practical Assessment Tasks are 8 hours. They are broken down into two sections. One session will be four hours and the other session will also be four hours. These sessions must be held over two consecutive days.
    • Break times should be included between the sessions.
    • The school can decide how they want these breaks to be allocated.
  • Report back to school: Students that are doing these practicals should report to the school on Day 1 and Day 2 of the Practical Assessment Task.
  • Students who do not attend the Practical Assessment Tasks: Whether students have a valid or invalid reason for not attending, they will have to adhere to the Regulations on the Conduct, Administration and Management of the National Senior Certificate Examinations.

Writing The Practical Assessment Task

This is the important information that both students and teachers need to take note of:


What Does The Practical Assessment Task Consist Of?

It consists of TWO parts. Day 1 and Day 2 and a Resource Pack will be included.


Important Information For Teachers

The Resource Pack will NOT be made available to teachers and it will NOT be discussed with students beforehand.


The Resource Pack will also ONLY be handed out during the writing sessions.


What Will Students Receive?

The students will receive the following items:


  • Each student will receive a copy of the Practical Assessment Task (PAT)
  • The Resource Pack
  • An answer book

Students will receive the PAT for day 1 on the first day and the PAT for Day 2  on the second day.


The same Resource Pack will be used on both Day 1 and Day 2. The completed Resource Pack will be collected at the end of each session.

What Should Students Do?

Students need to adhere to the following rules:


  • They must ensure that all the pages are included when they receive their PAT package
  • Students should spend at least 10 minutes on reading the instructions and become familiar with both documents
  • No other resources (internet access, computers, laptops, cellphones) should be brought into the venue. Only the official Resource Pack is allowed
  • NO EXTRA time will be given to students. Each PAT should be completed on the day scheduled. Only special needs students will receive extra time
  • Students should complete their PATs in their own handwriting, with exception of special needs students who have applied
  • Students may not share stationary
  • The Tourism teacher should be available on the days of the writing sessions to assist with clarity and guidance where required
  • There should be 1 invigilator for every 30 students.


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