Unemployed Youth To Apply For Education Assistant Positions

Unemployed youth are encouraged to apply for education assistant positions. The applications for phase 2 of the Basic Employment Initiative programme has opened. 


The Department of Basic Education made an announcement on Sunday,  26 September 2021. 287 000 teacher assistant and general assistant positions are now open to unemployed youth.


This time, they hope to see the programme last longer than a year. It will help teachers focus more on teaching students than having to do administrative work.


Teacher assistants will interact with learners, especially those that need psycho-social support. They will also help schools adhere to social distancing protocols. These education assistant positions will give unemployed youth the work experience they need.

Unemployed youth apply for education assistant positions

What You Need To Know About Phase 1

The Department of Education has partnered with Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator to the recruitment of 300 000 South African Youths. With President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Employment Stimulus Programme, employment opportunities must be created by the Basic Education Sector.


200 000 employment opportunities for Education Assistants and 100 000 opportunities for General School Assistants through the Basic Education Employment Initiative or BEEI. These education assistant positions are available to unemployed youth.


Here is everything you need to know about the DoE’s new partnership for phase 1.


Recruitment Has Started

PED’s have already started to advertise positions for qualified candidates. These employment opportunities have been spread on media platforms and can be found in all provinces.


BEEI Tries To Address COVID Disruptions

The purpose of the BEEI is to address academic and systematic challenges, due to the pandemic.


Educational Assistants will help in supporting teachers and provide extra help and support to learners in the class.


General School Assistants will assist institutions in adhering to the COVID-19 protocols to ensure a secure and safe environment.


300 000 Opportunities For Youth

The qualified candidates will be between the ages of 18 and 35 and must be living near the school.


Training Programmes Have Been Prepared

Orientation manuals and training programmes have been prepared to ensure that all successful candidates are equipped with the proper skill sets to adhere to their duties and responsibilities. This will also help improve their employability beyond the BEEI.


1st Of December 2020 These Opportunities Took Place

Successful candidates will start working at South African public schools from the 1st of December.


Where To Apply

Through this partnership between DBE and Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, candidates will be able to access employment opportunities through SAYouth.mobi.


Other Opportunities

If you register on the mobisite, you will be able to access other employment opportunities.


BEEI Employment Opportunities

You can apply online at a zero-rate mobile site.


Toll Free Number

Those who are unable to access the internet can call 080 072 7272, a toll free number.

What You Need To Know About Phase 2

In phase 2, 287 000 teacher assistant and general assistant positions are open. With this phase, more young people that have studied education, get the opportunity to gain work experience. 


This phase is also more “job” specific because it has more positions available. Here is all you need to know about phase 2.

When Can I Apply?

You can apply from the 27th of September 2021 until the 3rd of October 2021.

Updated Application Date

At 07:30 on 2 October 2021 around 2 7 26 117 people applied for phase 2 of the programme. Initially, the due date was on the 3rd of October 2021. According to the department , the date should be extended to the 10th of October 2021 because many young people applied.


The site for applications has experienced some difficulties because of high traffic volumes. The toll free number was also affected by the amount of calls, over 50 000 calls were received per day.


The department has introduced a new link that will have a stable connection and avoid high traffic volumes.


The new link will require a small amount of data, which is 3MB. The data free link will still be available.


This link will take applicants to the homepage that consists of the different provinces, you should select a province and then fill in the form. This form will ask for personal details as well as your educational background.


Please make sure to check that your information is correct, especially your contact number.

Who Can Apply?

Youth between the ages of 18-35, who are NOT studying or receiving any form of grant. As well young people living with a disability.


Some of the positions require a Matric Certificate and others do not require a Matric Certificate. 


Here are your options:


  • To qualify for the Education Assistant position you have to pass Matric, with English as a subject. Other qualifications such as NQF Level 4, 6 and 7 will be an added advantage.
  • You do not need a Matric Certificate for a General School Assistant position. however, a trade certificate would be an added advantage.
How to apply for BEEI applications

Positions Unemployed Youth Can Apply For

These are the available positions:


  • Curriculum – Education Assistant
  • ICT/ e-Cadres – Education Assistant
  • Reading Champions – Education Assistant
  • Child & Youth Care Worker – General School Assistant
  • Handyman  (no Matric required) – General School Assistant
  • Sports and Enrichment Agent (no Matric required) – General School Assistant

Here is a detailed description of all of the positions:


Curriculum: You will help teachers with the work that they do not have the time to do. This includes administrative tasks.


ICT/ e-Cadres: You should apply for this position if you enjoy working with IT systems. This programme adds value in the classroom because you will assist teachers with ICT teaching equipment and help upload educational content on the learners and the teachers devices. Due to COVID, teaching has moved to a digital future, this means students can learn Matric Online.Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended)


Reading Champions: This is to improve literacy and the culture of reading amongst learners. It also contributes towards early grade reading. This will include bringing back libraries, creating reading clubs and reading corners.


Child & Youth Care Worker: This provides students with psychosocial support, it will reduce students dropping out of school and improve academic and behaviour performance.


Handyman: With this position, you will focus on the maintenance of the school. Only schools that need handymen the most, will have this position.


Sports and Enrichment Agent: To be part of this programme, you have to be fit. This position helps learners with sports and cultural activities.

Where Can You Apply?

You can apply online to create your profile. Due to COVID restrictions, no walk-ins will be allowed at schools.

where can you apply for BEEI applications

How Do I Apply?

You may only apply online, here is how you should apply:

How to apply for the BBEI

What Do I Need To Prepare When They Choose Me?

They will inform you and you will need to prepare the following:


  • CV
  • References (from lecturers, church leaders, your former school etc.)
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Affidavit that states that you have no record until you receive your police clearance
  • All of your qualifications (matricmatric equivalent (NQF Level 4), NQF Level 6, 7) should be certified
  • Certified copy of your ID or passport

The Difference Between Phase 1 and Phase 2 Programme?

The Department of Basic Education noticed that a lot of young people that participated in phase 1 had qualifications BUT did not have any work experience. This is why phase 2 will focus on experiential learning.

Difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2 BEEI

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