UNISA Aegrotat and Special Exams

Every year there are the UNISA aegrotat and special exams, which run over and above the usual May/June and Oct/Nov exam sittings.  You need to have a valid reason as per UNISA’s rules in order to write a special exam.  This page will explain to you how all o f this works, and also what the dates are for the 2019 special exams.


UNISA Aegrotat and Special Exams


In life you can always expect the unexpected!  So what happens when you cannot write a UNISA exam that you have already been given admission to?  UNISA has very clear and specific rules around what you can apply for a special exam for.  This includes a serious illness, a death of aUNISA Aegrotat and Special Exams relative, work commitments during the exam period or if you received marks in a certain range.  You will always be required to provide evidence, such as a doctors report, a death certificate or letter from your employer.


The rules for special exams are outlined in Rule 18 of the UNISA Information brochure.  Be sure you are fully briefed on this so you know what to do when things go wrong around your exams.


You will also need to notify the university of your special circumstances, and apply for the special exam.  If you are accepted this will then show on your exam results.


Remember that you can only apply for a special exam if you qualified to write that exam in the first place!  So this is not a way to get into an exam sitting after not handing in your relevant assignments!





UNISA Aegrotat examinations


An Aegrotat exam is allowed when you were too ill to attend an exam.  


You will need to supply a medical certificate, which will have to be submitted when you apply for the exam.  REMEMBER that the person must be a registered Medical Practitioner of South Africa, and cannot just be a notice of attending a clinic.  Make sure it is a proper certificate so you don’t have to wait 6 months to write your exam!


This medical certificate must be very clear:


  • What was the nature of the illness
  • When did it start
  • How long did the illness continue
  • That because of this illness it was not possible to attend the exam
  • The dates mentioned must be on the same day or immediately before or during the exam you are requesting a special exam for
  • Make sure that your student number appears on the certificate


How to apply for Aegrotat or Special examination


When you apply for an aegrotat or special exam you can either fill in an electronic online form, or you can write a letter with your student number and subject(s) concerned.  This can be by post or by email. This MUST be done within 10 days of the exam you missed.


When you submit your application remember that you need to be very detailed in your description of what went wrong and why could you not write the exam, and provide the evidence.  Remember to attach your medical certificate, or other written evidence to back you up.


If you want to post your application then send it to:


Registar (Academic)

PO Box 392




You can also send your application to this email address:  aegrotats@unisa.ac.za.  Remember that your student number must as always appear in the subject line.


You will not be accepted for the special exams if you are late (more than 10 days after the missed exam) or if you send an incomplete application.  Remember that your exam fees will not be refunded or transferred, so make sure you apply properly!


Unfortunately if your special exams clash the university will not make additional plans for you.  You will need to choose which exams you attend.





UNISA Aegrotat and Special Exams for 2019


At the time of writing this article the additional exams to be written in January and February 2019 were to be held in the following subjects:


  • Further Diploma in Education
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing Science
  • Distance Education
  • Telecommunications and Information Policy
  • Tertiary Education
  • Translation


FINAL TIMETABLES will be posted to all candidates in the form of a letter on 30 November 2018.


If any student has NOT received his/her final examinations timetable by 15 of December 2018, then contact the Examination Arrangements Division IMMEDIATELY to get a duplicate copy.

The examination timetable for the supplementary, aegrotat as well as special Examinations gets posted to students together with their examination results.


Should a student cancel his/her registration or examination entry for ALL his/her subjects on, or before the following dated, then the year will NOT count as registration year for purposes of readmission for studies:


  • First semester modules:       31 March
  • Second semester modules:    30 August
  • Year course / modules:     31 August


Students’ next application for registration will also be regarded as a first registration if students were registered for the first time at this University (Unisa), and such a registration was cancelled in full before relevant above mentioned date(s). This is applicable, among other things, for the purpose of possible restrictions on the number of subjects students may enroll.





Unisa Exams for the physically handicapped


  • When a physically handicapped student is unable to write his/her examination at a suitable venue, he/she must apply annually in writing to write his/her exams at a specific venue.
  • A medical certificate specifying the nature of his/her handicap must also be submitted with his/her application.
  • This all must be submitted before 01 March before the May/June examinations, and before 01 August for the October/November or January/February examination.
  • The same applies for all handicapped students who requires special examination arrangements.


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Write by:  Tabitha Bailey

Last updated:  September 8, 2018