Unisa Announce New Education Qualification for 2020

The College of Education (CoE) from Unisa recently issued a statement on 24 June 2019 that the university has introduced a new qualification for the 2020 academic year: Advanced Diploma Education in Intermediate Phase Mathematics Teaching.

Details on the qualification have not been released as yet. More will be known about the course in August 2019 – when the application window for the 2020 academic year is open.

With over 40 qualifications being offered by the College of Education (view qualifications here), there is a number of different streams Unisa students can follow when it comes to becoming a teacher one day.

There are pros and cons when it comes to certain qualifications. Over time, qualifications phase out due to some reason or another. With new qualifications being added to the CoE’s roster, there are unfortunately qualifications that will be phasing out and will not be offered from 2020 onwards.

The Unisa qualifications in question are:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Foundation Phase)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Intermediate Phase)

Additionally, due to external factors beyond the university’s control, Unisa’s CoE is to stop offering the following qualifications for new students in 2020:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Senior and FET Phase);
  • Honours Bachelor of Education; and
  • Additional Postgraduate Diploma in Education Streams.

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Despite the abovementioned qualifications not being available for new students, there are still plenty of educational qualifications available that students can apply for.

Application dates for the 2020 academic year have not released yet by Unisa. August 2019 is the estimated starting date set by Unisa for the 2020 first semester applications.

Last Updated: 24 June 2019

40 thoughts on “Unisa Announce New Education Qualification for 2020”

    1. Requirements for the diploma have not been released by Unisa as yet. It will only be announced later this year in August.

        1. Each Education qualification has its own requirements, but most of them have more or less the same requirements. There are different types of BEd qualifications, of which you can read more online here.

    1. Unfortunately you cannot apply for this 3 year qualification. These are the requirements:

      APS = 60

      A four-year Bachelor of Education degree, or a general first degree or diploma, plus a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, or a former Higher Diploma in Education (Postgraduate).


      A former Advanced Certificate in Education (Level 6 on the former 8-level NQF) or a former Further Diploma in Education which follows a former professional teaching qualification, or a former four-year Higher Diploma in Education.

      In addition, a new Advanced Certificate (Level 6 on the current 10 level NQF) which followed a former Diploma in Education (including a National Professional Diploma in Education) may also be presented for admission into an Advanced Diploma.

  1. How many years to study for postgraduate certificate in education (intermediate phase)
    And how much is the registration fee

    1. As per UNISA’s website, the PCGE Intermediate Phase Qualification is only offered until 2021, and ONLY for students previously registered for this qualification. So you’ll be unable to apply for a PGCE at UNISA.

  2. What next can i do after completing my bachelors degree in education (intermediate and senior phase) since unisa will not be offering honours in education from 2020?

    I was planning on doing honours with specialization in education management next year

    1. Please refer to UNISA’s Recognition of Prior Learning. Your experience could translate into subject credits within your qualification or direct access into a postgraduate qualification, even if you only completed a grade 10.

      Unfortunately, the UNISA applications for the 2020 academic year closed on Friday 27th September for undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, so you won’t be able to apply.

      To view all qualifications UNISA offers, please head onto the following page here.

    1. Depending on whether the place that you studied for your diploma is accredited or not, you should be able to apply for an Education qualification at UNISA.

      However, no Education qualifications except for an Advanced Diploma is available for students to apply. You will need at least a degree to qualify to do that course.

  3. Nonkululeko Precious Masilela

    I have a Btech in Logistics from the University of Technology and would like to study a Bachelors in Education. When can I apply for the 2020?

    1. You’ll be unable to apply for a BEd qualification for the time being at UNISA as the qualifications are not made available to students. This is most likely due to an oversubscription of applications for the BEd qualifications. Too many applicants for too little places.

      If you do want to apply for a BEd qualification at UNISA, you will most likely have to wait until the next application window to apply.

    1. It’s possible for you to apply for a Honours in Education at UNISA. Remember that it’s mostly undergraduate education qualifications that are not available to students. Click on the following link to direct you to the Honours in Education UNISA application page:

      Honours in Education

    1. You need at least a Bachelors degree in a relevant field before applying for a PGCE qualification. You won’t be able to successfully apply for a PGCE qualification.

  4. Why is there only one undergraduate qualification for education listed for application (the advanced diploma)? I am trying to apply for a BEd but nothing is listed.

    1. Oversubscription is the cause of the removal of education qualifications on the UNISA application website. Too many students applied to study Education at UNISA. Remember that there are limited spots for each qualification.

  5. I am still owing fees for year 2017 and wish to come back and finish my honours degree course. What must I first do for me to be able to register again the remainig modules.

    1. The PGCE qualification is not available to newer students – only available to already registered students. You won’t be able to apply for a PGCE as it’s not made available for applying on the UNISA website. The PGCE is in the process of being phased out, hence no new students being able to apply for the qualification(s).

  6. Good Day

    I’m trying to re-register for Master in Criminal Justice and i understand it has been phased out so i want to understand whats the next step regarding this issue? and when will it be rectified so that i am able to register and continue with my studies.

    Thank you

    1. UNISA have stated in the past that when degrees are phasing out, students are either advised to complete their degree as soon as they can before the due date or moving over to the newer/similar degree.

      You may want to speak to a UNISA student advisor at your nearest UNISA campus as soon as you can so that you can view your options.

  7. hi i did my NDP at unisa is it possible to continue as i have passed them and want to do intermediate and senior phase can i register this year as wanted to apply for it but there was no option during application

    1. It should be possible to apply for a BEd in Intermediate and Senior Phase. The UNISA application window is open once again and all qualifications that have space available are open.

      However, if you do apply now, you might only be able to register to study in Semester 2 later this year. Remember that you do have to meet the admission requirements set by UNISA in order for you to qualify.

  8. Unisa is no longer offering PGCE, is there any alternative Qualification I can do if I have Diploma in Electrical engineering and How long is the duration, since PGCE was 1 year

    1. At the moment, there is no alternative to the PGCE qualification. It remains that to become a teacher in South Africa, you either need a BEd or a PGCE qualification – no alternatives. If you’re keen on a career in education, you may want to apply for a BEd qualification.

      Other universities do offer the PGCE qualification though.

    1. A BTech is a Bachelor’s degree, so it’s possible that you may qualify for a PGCE qualification. At the same time, you will be unable to apply for a PGCE qualification at UNISA due to it being only available for already registered students. The PGCE qualification is currently in the process of being phased out.

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