Unisa Application Status

UNISA Application Status
UNISA Application Status

How do you check your UNISA Application Status? Don’t worry – we know how.  Follow our step by step guide and find out today what the status of your UNISA application is.

Step by Step guide to checking your UNISA Application Status:

  1. Check that your contact details are up to date and correct on your UNISA registration, otherwise UNISA can not contact you.
  2. Go to your myUNISA website page to check and update your contact details.
  3. Next use the “Track My Application” form.
  4. Use the username (student number) and password you received when you applied.
  5. E-mail myunisahelp@unisa.ac.za if you have any problems accessing the site.
  • We know that want-to-be UNISA students are waiting anxiously during every application period to know whether or not they will be accepted at UNISA to study or not.
  • This can be a very testing time, as students really want to study.
  • With UNISA’s announcement of Free Education in 2018, a record number of students applied to study at UNISA.
  • Many of the qualifications are not being opened for applications because the qualifications are already full.
  • Due to the huge amount of applicants, there are more and more students wanting to get accepted, and therefore fewer and fewer spots are available at UNISA.
  • Therefore, be patient, make sure that you supply every piece documentation UNISA require of you to submit, and make sure it is in the exact format that UNISA specifies.
  • Then you can be sure that it is not a small mistake stopping you from following your dreams of a university degree.

UNISA Application Status Instructions

  • First, check that your application information are correct and up to date on the myUnisa website.
  • If you have not yet heard anything from Unisa regarding your application for admission, your contact information may have been incorrectly captured. Please go to this page: Unisa Admin to verify and/or change your contact information.
  • If you are sure that your information is correct you can track your application here: Track My Application
  • You will see a screen that looks like this:

Unisa application status

  • Use the username (student number) and the password you received via e-mail when you applied to access this web page.
  • It will take you through to a page that will let you track the status of your application.
  • Please send an e-mail to myunisahelp@unisa.ac.za if you have any problems accessing this site.
  • We wish you all the best with your UNISA application.
  • Please remember it takes real patience to study with UNISA, so you need to be ready right from the start.

Last updated:  July 15, 2018

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21 thoughts on “Unisa Application Status”

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  3. tshepiso mokoena

    I didn’t receive any password on my email from UNISA but they did send me student number. so can I please get the password.

        1. UNISA’s Higher Certificate qualifications can be seen as a sort of bridging course. They can be used to apply for a higher qualification (diploma, degree) upon completion.

          You can read more about UNISA’s Higher Certificate qualifications for the 2020 academic year online here.

          1. Hi I have applied through unisa n payed my application fee yet I’m funded by nsfas but my status is saying it still needs to be processed for weeks now. Tryed sending two emails with no response through unisa im worried now plz help, student number 64815676

          2. You may want to enquire about your application by heading straight to your nearest UNISA campus. That’s the only option you have at the moment.

    1. Abet Level 4 is the equivalent to a Grade 9 certificate, so it will not exactly assist you in studying for a Nursing qualification.

      Other than universities, you can also try looking at qualifications issued by private institutions. You can find out about the different qualifications offered by private institutions offered by the South African Nursing Council (SANC) here.

    1. Applications at UNISA are open all year round. Visit the Unisa Application website and you’ll be able to apply for the qualification of your choice – as long as you meet the admission requirements of said qualification.

  4. Sizakele Sindiswa Ncube

    I apply last year and get study number the promblem is I did pay application fee so I want to ask that now I can pay it or ican wait to apply again?

    1. You only need to pay an application fee once when you apply at Unisa. When you have an opportunity to apply again, you don’t need to pay the application fee. It’s a one time deal.

  5. Am on my final year doing Higher Certificate in Accounting Science, I failed two modules do I qualify fr FI concession or I need to register for those two modules for coming semester?

    1. The university will determine whether you qualify for a FI concession or not but in the meantime, register for the modules that you have failed instead of waiting on the university to come back later to you.

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