Unisa Applications Second Semester 2018 Now Open

Applications open on 16 April, and close on 23 April.
So you basically have a week to Apply!

Unisa Extends the Deadline for Second Semester Applications to 26 April 2018

Unisa Applications Second Semester 2018

Unisa announced that the deadline for second semester applications have been extended from Monday 23 April 2018, to Thursday 26 April.
This is to accommodate students who were not able to apply because of the Unisa systems and website being down so much the past week.

Where to Apply

You can apply on the Unisa website, and you can also see what courses are available on the site.
Where to Register if the Unisa Website is Down
Unisa also gave a link to a page where students should still be able to apply, even if their website is down.

How to Apply?

Or go to one of the regional Unisa Offices, and apply there.

Available Courses

For the second semester, all the Unisa courses are NOT available. You can see a list of available unisa courses for the second semester here.

You can see a list of courses NOT Available in the Second Semester here.

Facebook Groups where You can Get Help

 Unisa Applications Second Semester 2018
There are a number of Facebook groups where you can get help and advice from other students.
Join one of the Unisa Facebook Groups to stay up to date:


There are a number of WhatsApp groups created by students. Note that a WhatsApp group can only get up to 275 members. So if you can’t get into the first one, try a different one.


Click on the link, and you will be taken to the group and automatically added to that WhatsApp group.Unisa Applications Second Semester 2018



Last Updated: April 21, 2018