UNISA Assignment Submission changes for 2015

UNISA recently alerted students to the changes it has made to how students will submit their assignments in 2015 due to the catastrophe caused by the South African Post Office (SAPO) last year (2014).

UNISA aims to improve the turnaround time and feedback loops on all assessed assignments by eliminating postal submissions and moving towards online submissions so students can use their assignments to improve on their weak areas.

These are the main UNISA assignment submission processes:

  1. Submit your assignment via my.unisa.ac.za.
  2. Submit your assignment via my.unisa.ac.za at the regional offices and/or regional libraries of UNISA. (Scanners are available for students who wish to submit hard copies)
  3. Submit your assignment via my.unisa.ac.za at one of UNISA’s partner-libraries.
  4. Regional centres will receive and dispatch assignments free of charge to UNISA in the event of a power outage.
  5. Submit your assignment via SKYNET or UTI service point which will be couriered to UNISA free of charge.

How have these changes affected you?


Written by Kurt Wyngaard

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8 thoughts on “UNISA Assignment Submission changes for 2015”

  1. I’ve already submit my assignment due on 11 august its FAC 3701last week even now i haven’t yet received any sms that confirmed the received of my assignment

  2. I received the study materials later and the due date already pass what must I do now to continue submitting my assignment?

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