UNISA Council Bursary Applications

Unisa Council Bursary applications are now open! Deadline is 31 May 2018 so don’t delay.

  • Unisa Council Bursary applications are open between 14 May 2018 – 31 May 2018.
  • Only one application per student per academic year are allowed.

    Unisa Council Bursary applications
    Unisa Counsil Bursary applications!

Many students have been battling to get their grants from NSFAS approved, or even to get their money if their bursary/grant were approved.  Click here if you want to look up the different NSFAS status terms.

Unisa Council Bursary has yet again made money available to help Unisa students.  

Which students qualify for the Unisa Council Bursary?

  • If you are a student who is continuing your studies but have fees that are not paid yet
  • If you have completed your studies but are unable to graduate because of unpaid fees
  • If you are a new student who was not able to be assisted by NFAS 



How do I qualify for this Unisa Council Bursary?

Only students that meet the following criteria can apply for this this bursary:

  • You are a South African student
  • You are registered at Unisa for and academic qualification
  • You must have at least obtained an average of 55% 

Important information for applying for Unisa bursary

  • Unisa makes use of an external service provider to do complete background checks on each student applying for a grant.  This background checks are to prove that all the information provided  by applicants are authentic and true.
  • A further test (means test) will be done on each applicant which is to check a student’s financial income to see if a student qualifies for the this grant (financial help).
  • No incomplete forms will be considered for the Unisa Council Bursary.

Step by step guide to apply for Unisa bursary

The Unisa Council Bursary application form are available at Unisa regional offices or online.  Click here to download the online bursary application form.

Step 1:  Download the form from the Unisa website.  

Step 2:  Print out the form.

Step 3:  Fill in the form.

Step 4:  Make sure you fill in the form with your correct details and information.

Step 5:  Check that you filled out the form AND signed it where need be.

Step 6:  Scan the completed and signed form and email it to:  caf@unisa.ac.za


Please note:  The result of you application will be send to you via SMS as well as your myLife e-mail account.


31 May 2018 is the deadline for applications.  


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Written by:  Leonor Breytenbach

Last updated:  17 May 2018