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Economics is a word you may have heard often because it is part of daily life. Economics forms part of Social Sciences and UNISA Economics courses are available from the College of Economic and Management Sciences. In its simplest form, economics is the usage of limited resources by society. The creation of products and services, how they are distributed among people, and how they are consumed (used) all form part of economics. 

It is clear that economics is important to many activities. You may find economics fascinating and decide to launch a career in the field. You will need to study Economics in greater depth before entering the economic world. UNISA offers several Economics courses for students, presented in a distance-learning and online format. 

Study economics courses at UNISA

UNISA Economics – Offering Many Courses

The Department of Economics at UNISA has created several courses to study Economics. Choose a course that suits your needs. Most of the qualifications include real-world application and up-to-date curriculum. 

Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences

The Higher Certificate is an undergraduate course that provides an NQF Level 5 qualification upon completion. Students will learn basic economic concepts in preparation to study graduate-level courses. Modules include economics, business management, and accounting. Additionally, you will receive learn how to improve your English and mathematical skills. Computer skills are also important for Economics and the Higher Certificate includes computer training.  

BCom Economics

UNISA presents a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics degree for individuals with an APS of 21. The three-year undergraduate qualification provides you with an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the economy and its inner workings. 

Your first year will introduce you to the sub-disciplines of the industry. It will also lay the groundwork for further studies of both micro- and macroeconomics. During your second year, the focus will move to intermediate economic theory. The application of first-year concepts will play a large part in the second year. The final year, or third-level, of BCom Economics, will give you the opportunity to specialize in elective courses and prepare you for the industry. 

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UNISA Economics – Masters

A Master of Commerce in Economics can be completed at UNISA. The Masters programme consists primarily of a research project in the field of Economics. You will need to apply your knowledge from undergraduate courses and work experience in writing your research project. Graduates receive an NQF 9 qualification after completing the Masters course. 

PhD Economics Programmes

Some economists choose to continuously further their education and achieve a doctoral degree in Economics. This can be done at UNISA through the Doctor of Philosophy in Economics programme. Extensive research and a thesis form the basis of the PhD programme. 

Careers in Economics

UNISA economics courses enables you to pursue many career options

Several career options exist for people who study Economics at UNISA. You will learn a bunch of skills that will prepare you for the professional world. Here are just a few of the economics career options that await you: 

  • Business Reporter
  • Economic Consultant
  • Economist
  • Credit Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Market Analyst

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Last Updated: 19 March 2023

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