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angry-annoyed-cafe-52608UNISA students have had it rough the past couple of months, from registration issues at the beginning of the year; non-payment of NSFAS funding to the late arrival or non-delivery of study material as well as the exams being moved forward from May to April to accommodate the general elections (which you can read about here).


That being said, it’s April and that means there’s a few weeks left before the UNISA exams begin. Have you started studying yet? And if so, how prepared are you?


If you’re feeling under-prepared for the upcoming exams, don’t worry – you’re not the only one in that boat. There’s a number of study tips and tricks that you could implement to get yourself onto the right track leading up to the day of the exam, such as:


  • Creating a clean and stable study environment, clear of any distractions;
  • Creating a study plan on when and what subject(s) you will tackle for the day;
  • Implementing mood music (preferably without lyrics) that will get yourself into the rhythm of studying;
  • Creating flashcards (old-school, but why not) with small doses of valuable information that you or others can test on yourself;
  • Avoid or restrict social media to a minimum, taking only a 10 to 15 minutes break to replenish the batteries.


Following these tips won’t automatically make you pass, but if you implement them in your daily life as well as adding in tips and tricks of your own, they will give you an increased chance at passing your exam and, in turn, your module. At Together We Pass, we have our own way of giving students a better shot at passing their modules with our very own sets of UNISA Study Notes and Exam Packs.


Our range of UNISA Study Notes and Exam Packs are created and assembled by our team of lecturers, filled with detailed and essential information, giving you a deeper insight as to what your module is all about.


Here is an example carefully chosen from our CMY3702 Exam Pack, to give an insight as to what to expect.


An example from the CMY3702 Exam Pack



Here’s another example from the PYC2601 Exam Pack:

An example from the PYC2601 Exam Pack


These may be random pieces of information to some, but this was just a small taste of what you can expect from our vast resources.

Why Choose Together We Pass?

All of our study resources are available at a reasonable price of only R200 each (both exam packs and study notes), which if you think about it, it’s definitely worth a punt especially if you consider that most Unisa students have limited access to resources unless they live near an UNISA Regional Centre or a library.


Likewise, the only information students essentially get once they register at Unisa are the tutorial letters and a study guide, which is all the more reason why you feel like you should get your hands on any and every available piece of information that you can find.


Read this article on how, with our help, students can manage their MNB1501 and MNB1601 modules here. You can also read about how students can cope, manage and pass their ECS modules easily here. than ever before.


Distance learning is tough – we do understand that it should not have to be that way and with our help, we ensure that you will have a increased chance of passing your module. 

Last Updated: April 1st 2019