UNISA Exam Papers Leaked

UNISA Exam Papers Leaked – Again!

The University of South Africa (UNISA) issued a statement on Monday, 18 November regarding the leaking of exam papers for the October/November 2019 exams.

Martin Ramotshela, UNISA spokesperson, issued regret on the university’s behalf over the incident. The university is working alongside the authorities on capturing the individual(s) responsible. . He stated that over 17 modules are compromised and while these are challenging times, the university is hopeful that the overall examination process remains reliable and intact.

Furthermore, Mr Ramotshela stated that a thorough investigation is currently underway between the university and the South African Police Service (SAPS). An individual behind the leak of the exam papers has been identified and the university and authorities are hopeful of an imminent arrest of the individual.

Students Raise Concerns Over Continuous Leaks of Exam Papers

This is not the first time in 2019 that there has been an exam paper leak at UNISA. During the first semester, 8 UNISA modules were the target of an exam paper leak. As a result, affected students were given the chance to write/rewrite their exams during the second semester exam period.

And while UNISA issued measures to prevent an incident during the second semester (the discontinuation of in-house exam paper printing), this has proved futile.

News of the UNISA Semester 2 exam paper leaks are proving to be an inconvenience to innocent students. This is especially unwelcome news to the students affected by the first semester’s exam paper leaks. The students affected are increasingly concerned that they may have their exams postponed again, leaving them to potentially wait another 6 months to write their exam.

Future Changes to the Distribution of Exam Papers

The university has identified issues pertaining to strengthening the production and distribution of exam papers among the various examination centres. UNISA aims to improve on the following to decrease the chances of another exam leak:

  • Changes in delivery mode and timing of the exam papers;
  • Improving checks and balances with regards to the receiving and opening of exam paper packages at the exam centres

The university is hopeful that closing any gaps within the production and distribution procedures will reduce or entirely stop future exam paper leaks.

Unisa Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mandla Makhanya issued extra security measures to combat potential future exam paper leaks. Additionally, Professor Makhanya has appointed a high-level team to conduct further investigations as well as to review the current systems and processes.

The university has stated that anybody involved in the ongoing leak of exam papers will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. University staff and students involved will be subjected to an enquiry via the university’s disciplinary process as well as the criminal justice system

The university is imploring students to come forward with any additional knowledge of illegal distribution of the leaked exam papers. Students and other concerned citizens can issue a report of the illegal activity through the following channels:

Disclaimer: Together We Pass is not affiliated with UNISA. We provide online study groups as well as study resources such as study notes and exam packs to UNISA students. We do not condone the leaking of exam papers nor partake in illegal acts of obtaining private student information for our own use.

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Updated on 20 November 2019

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