UNISA Exam Result Dates 2018/2019

UNISA Exam Result Dates for 2018/2019 and the following information can be found in the below article:


  • How will UNISA release the Exam Results?
  • When will UNISA NOT release a student’s Exam Results?
  • Marking and re-marking of UNISA Exam answer papers/books


UNISA Exam Result Dates 2018


The UNISA exam results for the May/ June exam sitting will be released by latest 20 July 2018.

For students writing in October/ November 2018 your results will be released by latest 21 December 2018.





How will UNISA Release the Exam Results?

UNISA Exam Result Dates
UNISA Exam Result Dates


  • A final exam marks/results letter will be printed out and will be posted to students from 20 July 2018.
  • E-mail:  Register on myUnisa to mark on your UNISA online application if you would like to get your results via e-mail.
  • UNISA releases the final exam results to students as soon as they are available.


When will UNISA NOT Release a student’s Exam Results?


  • NO exam results will be released to a student who has outstanding UNISA Library books that still need to be returned.  Only AFTER the outstanding fees for the outstanding UNISA Library books have been paid, will the student’s results be released to him/her.
  • NO UNISA academics or administrative personnel are aloud to give exam results telephonically.
  • NO UNISA timetables for the extra (supplementary) exams will be released if any study fees or Library books are outstanding.


Please note:

Confirmation that you have completed your qualification successfully, will be available for students who wrote the following exams:

  • January/February 2018 – will be available from the end of April 2018.
  • May/June 2018 – will be available from the end of August 2018
  • October/November 2018 – will be available form the end of January 2019.







  • Take note:  Only students who received 35% – 49% or 68% – 74% in a subject in the exams, are allowed to apply for a re-mark of that specific subject.
  • A step-by-step guideline of how the re-marking of Exam answer papers/books work, are being sent to students together with their exam results.
  • Every re-mark application must include the indicated fee for it to be done.
  • These fees can be found under “Assignments and Examinations” under the Examination fees on the myUnisa Website.
  • NO late applications will be considered for a re-mark.


Closing dates for applications for re-marking


May / June 2018 examinations 31 July 2018
October / November 2018 examinations 31 January 2019


  • Answer papers that is just a mark reading sheet, are marked electronically, and therefore it can not be re-marked.
  • A student can also not apply for the re-mark of a practical part of an exam. 
  • Students can apply at any of the UNISA offices nearest to them, or it can be done through an e-mail:  remark@unisa.ac.za. (The student number must be filled in in the subject heading.)
  • Under NO circumstances must any students applying for a re-mark be directed to any academic staff member.
  • An external examiner or moderator who was not part of the original marking will do or make sure the re-marking is properly done according to UNISA procedures and rules and regulations.
  • Re-marking results will be released about 2 months after the closing date of the applications of the re-marking.
  • The mark that a student gets after the re-marking will be the final exam result.  No matter if this mark is lower than the original mark a student got in the original exams.





Re-marking fees will be refunded when:


  • a student who failed in the original exam, now PASSES because of the re-marking of a subject
  • a student who failed in the original exam, now PASSES with a SUB-MINIMUM (if applicable) because of the re-marking of a subject
  • a student gets a DISTINCTION because of the re-marking
  • after the re-marking of a subject a student gets admission to go and study for a following, higher qualification because of the much better marks that he/she got for a subject after it got re-marked.


UNISA Exam Dates and Timetables


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UNISA Exam Centres


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Written by:  Leonor Breytenbach

Last updated:  July 15, 2018