Unisa Exam Results Release Dates 2019

Unisa Exam Results Release Dates for 2019 – The climax of the Unisa May/June 2019 exam period is upon us. Pretty soon, the results for the exams (as well as the semester mark for modules) will be released and students will know whether they’ve passed or failed their Unisa modules.


When are the release dates for the results?

The May/June 2019 examination period was due to start on 2 May and end on 20 June. Due to the timing of the National General Elections (scheduled on 8 May), the May/June 2019 Unisa exams were moved forward to 24 April, with the exams concluding on 12 June.

The release dates for the May/June 2019 and the October/November 2019 examination period have been published and are as follows:

  • May/June 2019 – 26 June 2019
  • October/November 2019 – 20 December 2019

Examination results will be released on a daily basis, with the final scheduled release date being on 27 July 2019. Taking this into account, the late release of exam results will affect the second semester registration period.

The Unisa Second Semester registration period will, therefore, be extended from 31 July 2019 to 10 August 2019. Please note that the aforementioned date refers to Unisa students who are awaiting their exam results and NOT to Unisa students who are registering for the first time.

Take note of the following with regards to the release of the examination results:

  • Final examination results (when available) WILL BE RELEASED to students via myUnisa and post on the above-mentioned release dates;
  • Students with outstanding study fees/books will not have their exam results released until all debts are paid in full;
  • Students will NOT be provided their exam results over the phone by the Unisa academic/administrative staff;
  • Timetables for supplementary exams will not be made available for students if there are any outstanding fees/library books owed.

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Unisa Exam Results Release Dates 2019: How?

When it comes to the ‘How’ of receiving feedback on exam results, there are two (2) options that Unisa students can use to find out their exam results:

1. myUnisa: If you are a Unisa student, you would know of myUnisa. Students can find out on myUnisa (register here) whether they want to receive their exam results via your email/myLife email account.

Alternatively, students can also head onto myUnisa and find out their exam results. Log onto myUnisa and click on ‘My Admin’. Once there, click on ‘Exam Results’ and students will be able to view their exam results.

Exam results are uploaded overnight onto myUnisa. Students need only to look once a day whether exam results have been released or not.

2. Post: Students will also receive their examination results via post, with exam results to be released on the scheduled release date (unless stated otherwise with regards to outstanding fees/library books owed).

For students that have written their exams and in turn, completed their qualification, these are the following dates to keep an eye out for on when students will receive notice about the completion of their qualification:

  • Students who wrote in the May/June 2019 exams will be notified from the end of August 2019 and onwards;
  • Students who wrote in the October/November 2019 exams will be notified from the end of January 2020 and onwards.

NB. Once again, students with outstanding study fees/books will not have their exam results released until all debts are paid in full. It’s the students’ prerogative to make sure that their fees are paid in full as to receive their results and in turn, moving onto the next step of their qualification.

Last Updated: 04 June 2019

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206 thoughts on “Unisa Exam Results Release Dates 2019”

    1. If you fail a module, then you would have to register to redo the module. If you qualify for a supplementary exam (if you receive a sub-minimum of 40% in your exam), it will be stated as such with your examination results. You wouldn’t need to apply for a supplementary exam, but you would have to pay a fee of R240 to write the exam.

      The second semester officially starts on 10 June 2019. That’s the date when new students who’ve applied to study at Unisa can register. Normally for students, their semester would start when they register for the new semester and pay the minimum registration payment applicable. Once payment is processed, students will be able to access their study material on myUnisa and start studying.

      1. Thandazile zanele

        Iwant nsfas to pay for me but I didn’t finish the money for 1st semester, im still owning unisa.. Will i b able to apply for nsfas nd when?

        1. You cannot apply for NSFAS at this moment in time as the application window is closed. NSFAS will most likely open again in September, but dates have not been announced. It’s an estimated date due to the opening of last year’s application window.

          You would have to complete paying for your first semester studies in order for you to continue studying.

    2. I’m one of those students who have not received their results yet despite the fact that i don’t owe the institution any money. I’m grateful of the fact that registration period has been extended, but now I’m more worried about the due dates for assignments. What’s the plan, are they also going to be extended in order to accommodate those who have been waiting and are still waiting for their second semester results?

  1. I am funded by nsfas now I received a statement stating that I owe R225 for sup exam so I would like to be advised whether to pay or nsfas will? Thanks

    1. NSFAS doesn’t pay for supplementary exams, so it’s best to pay the fee yourself instead of NSFAS paying it for you.

  2. Good day
    I want to register my child for 2020 to study education. When and where can i register early as possible.
    Thank you

    1. You would need to apply to study at Unisa first before your child can register. Applications for the 2020 academic year has not opened as yet and dates will be communicated to students as soon as it’s announced.

  3. Please help, I have applied to do chemical engineering last year ,i couldn’t get the response i then applied this year for a different course ,when i wanted to pay the system said i have already payed. please advise me.

  4. Good evening
    I registered 5 modules for 1st semester and NSFAS paid for me ,will it automatically pay for me in the second semester?

      1. If NSFAS pays my registration for second semester all I have to do is register once results are out, correct?

        1. That is correct, yes. You should get some sort of notification that your registration fee has been paid. If your registration fee has not been paid as yet, you’ll need to head to Unisa’s Financial Aid offices and query on why nothing has been paid in as yet.

  5. Masiviwe Dlova

    I applied last year and qualified but never receive any messages regarding registration even at this time, must I still wait?

    1. If you haven’t received a reply regarding your application at this late stage, then I would highly suggest that you head to your nearest Unisa Regional Office and speak to a student administrator regarding your application.

  6. Good morning
    What does it mean you have to obtain 40% in the exam to pass the module?
    So if you get 40% will my assignments marks be added so that I can get 50% to pass the module?

    1. As per Unisa, most modules have a pass mark of 50%. Technically if the year mark that you get from your assignments totals 10%, then 40% would be the minimum that you would need to achieve in order to get 50% and in turn, pass your module.

      Your assignments contribute to your year mark, yes – It’s usually 10%.

      1. Hi is that possible for me to change major subject for another ,for example BLG1603 to Psychology then modules will be 42 done and I will still be able to graduate?

  7. Good evening,
    Is it possible to register for second semester if I am still owing for 1st semester?
    I could pay at a later stage,now I don’t have enough money to pay up the debt, but then again I want to register and complete. Is there no some kind of agreement for m that I could sign in order for Unisa to allow me to register, then pay up before December 🤔

    1. You have to pay your first semester balance in order to register for the second semester. You won’t know your exam results if you do not pay your study fees, so you won’t know whether you passed or failed your module.

  8. I was doing abet last year then I have 1 supplement I try to apply during this application they say you already applied you need to upload your outstanding documents so what must i do to process my application for this semester

  9. Good morning
    I have a problem of accessing May/June 2019 exam results. Please give me the contact details of the relevant department for me to make queries.
    Thank you in advance

    1. Exam results are being released on a staggered basis, with the final date of results being released on 27 July.

      You can access your exam results on your myUnisa account. You only need to take a look once a day since results are released overnight.

      As per Unisa’s statement, ”No results will be given telephonically by academics or administrative staff ”, so you would not be able to receive your results if you decide to give them a call.

  10. Exam results are late for this semester…which means that I cannot apply for second semester

    However most of the courses have assigments that already needs to be submitted as early as 5 August…
    How will it be possible for me to adhere to these submission dates if I haven’t been able to register due to the late exam results

    Ps. I need to wait for the results seeing as I have prerequisites for the subjects I need to tak during the second semester

    1. Unisa has stated in the past that exam results will be released staggeredly, with the last result date scheduled for 27 July. You should have time to register for the second semester.

      As the registration window for students waiting for results closes on 8 August, there is a large chance that assignments dates will be extended to compensate for the extended registration window. Unisa have extended assignment dates in the past, so it could happen again. Cannot guarantee it though.

      The final registration date used to be 31 July, but was moved to 8 August. This is something that Unisa themselves will have to confirm though, so if there are any changes, it will be made known and communicated to students.

      Please confirm with a student administrator at Unisa regarding this situation, whether assignments will be extended or not.

  11. Due to the late release of exam dates I connot register … because I have to take subjects that have certain prerequisites. However some subjects have assignments that need to be handed in as early as 5 August…how can I adhere to the submission dates if I cannot register?

    1. There’s no need to be concerned. Results will be released on a staggered basis, with the final results release date being on 27 July.

    2. I am nsfas student during the first semester I wrote exams till now I didn’t got my results ,they said I have outstanding fees on my account when I called nsfas they say they paid for my studies for 2019 and they sent me statement which shows the amount that have they paid for my studies from 2018,now am not studing I was suppose to register module which I failed last year plz advice me.

  12. Hi i want to know if i will be able to submit assignments for second semester if i haven’t paid the minimum fee for registration

  13. Hi
    I needed to register for a second semester subject at another institution. Because of my outstanding results the institution don’t want to register me anymore. what can I do.

    1. If you’re unable to register for a second semester subject at the institution that you’re currently at (assuming that you’re referring to a Unisa module), why not do that particular module independently?

      As in study that on your own instead of registering at another institution.

    1. Are you referring to a supplementary exam? If you do have a supplementary exam, it will state as such on your final exam results. If you didn’t complete paying your fees though, then Unisa will withhold your exam results until you can pay your study fees.

    1. Results are being released on a staggered basis. Many students already received partial exam results, so keep a lookout every day whether your exam results are released or not. Last possible date for exam results to be released is on July 27.

  14. What is meant by returning student, I enrolled 1st semester but didn’t write my Exams due to work pressures. I travel abroad for work. But this semester I’ll be based in South Africa, Am I part of the returning students whose registration dates expired on 28/06/2019? Or I form part of the awaiting student waiting for results?

    Thanking you in advance.

  15. Good Evening,
    Is that possible for me to change modules even if i did the first 2 as prequisites that enable me to do the practical and I did all modules as per my qualification so I want to change BLG1603 to PSY1501 and PSY1502 as additional modules to qualify so am I still going to graduate?

    1. With regards to changing modules, this is as per Unisa’s website:

      Adding modules

      To add modules after registration you must apply online or in writing using the prescribed form (DSAR02) and then pay the necessary fee to the university by the relevant closing date for registration. Please note that requests to add modules received via e-mail will not be accepted as official requests for additions.

      Cancelling modules

      You can cancel modules via the same channels. You will, however, forfeit the applicable portion of the fees paid (related to the date of cancellation). Please look at the “exclusion from studies” paragraph in the Student Rules before cancelling modules. Should you wish to cancel your registration within 10 calendar days of your registration being activated, you may apply for a full refund in line with Unisa’s cooling-off period. Please apply in writing, either via myUnisa or by using the relevant refund form.


      It would be best to inquire about it at your nearest Unisa campus, especially about the DSAR02 form.

  16. I submitted my final thesis for marking for a Masters by Research programme in January 2019. My result has not yet been released. If i check my Unisa Account it says result outstanding.

    1. Applying for NSFAS is a yearly thing and not per semester. NSFAS is unavailable at the moment for the 2019 academic year. Application dates for the 2020 academic year have not been released as yet and will be communicated to students when it becomes known.

  17. Hi
    Last year I started Abet bridging course then I failed 3 modules out of 10 and the third one is actually a supplementary ,I couldn’t write the 3rd module due to some certain reasons meaning that I’ve failed two and got 1 supplementary. My worry is what will happen to me if I fail two modules again?will Nsfas still gonna fund me again?

    1. As per NSFAS’s website, “To maintain the NSFAS Funding you must meet the academic requirements set by the institution to continue with the qualification and should pass at least 50% of all your modules for that year or semester”.

    1. It means in order to do a certain module, you would have to have completed the previous module first. It’s like if you had to reach Level 2 of something, you’d first have to complete level 1 in order to move onto the next level.

  18. Nompumelelo Memela

    I was doing a one year program last year, i wrote my exams in Jan/Feb. I had a supplementary exam for one module which i worte on the 02/05/19 but i havent received my results till now. i saw something about final year students results will be released in August, does this also apply to me?
    Kindly assist.

    1. Exam results are being released on a staggered basis, with the final exam result date scheduled for 27 July. So you’ll be able to get your supplementary exam mark before or on 27 July.

  19. Hi I wanna know I get a message saying I’ll be informed to come and take my money for study material but until know no message I do get so what must I do

  20. Morning,

    I have tried calling UNISA and emailing them several times over the last few months with no success. I am hoping for some assistance. I am almost finish and will be done with my law degree next semester but every semester subject SJD1501 to finish is noted as “Department requirements”. As a result I have left this module every year and now I need to do this module to finish my degree. No one has responded to tell me exactly what is the requirement and how I can register for this module. PLEASE can you offer some guidance as I do not want to leave for the last minute. Thanks