UNISA Exams Centres

UNISA exams centres can be found across South Africa, and in 134 countries internationally!

How your UNISA Exams Centre are set

As a student you are responsible for choosing UNISA Exams Centres which is the closest to where you live.  Every exam centre has a unique code, which you fill in on your application form.  

As soon as you sign your application form, it automatically means that youare agreeing and choosing a specific examination centre/venue.  

If you are currently living in the Republic of South Africa, then please click here to get the complete list of the examination venues across South Africa.  These examination centres/venues are specifically chosen by UNISA for their students to write examinations at.

Important Notice

UNISA Exams Centres
UNISA Exams Centres
  • In foreign countries, UNISA examination centres are restricted to cities where UNISA is able to make the proper arrangements with that particular country, as well as the chosen city.
  • For students living in a foreign country in Africa (outside of South Africa, but still on the African continent), then please click here to see, and get the complete list of examination centres/venues.
  • For students living in an overseas country, please click here to get a complete list of examination centres/venues.

UNISA Exams Centres for Prisons and Detention Centres

Only prisoners can write in prison and detention centres (not staff, or any other student). You can find a list of all prisons and detention centres on the UNISA website

Examinations that are be organised by the Correctional Services during afternoon sessions, will begin at 12:30, and NOT at 14:00 as it is printed on the examination timetable. 

Change of UNISA Exams Centres

From time to time UNISA has to change an exam centre.  This is always a big concern to the affected students, but rest assured UNISA only does this if they have no other option.

Students will be informed well in advance before their examination date(s) about this unfortunate situation, so that students can then make other arrangements.

It is possible for students to change their examination centre/venue if they wish to do it, after they have registered already.  You need to apply in writing, and you need to do this before the cutoff date.  This is quite early in the term, so do not get out by this!

Students are only allowed to write exams at chosen and specified examination centres/venues that are listed on the Registration Information Brochure.

Written by:  Tabitha Bailey

Last Updated:  August 29, 2019