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Anything related to money forms a basis of finances is all about. It’s an important aspect for businesses, government, and for every person. Without money, you cannot pay for items or earn a living, and businesses cannot make a profit.

The old adage of “money makes the world go round” is very true. There are many UNISA Finance courses presented by the Department of Finance, Risk Management, and Banking.  

Another part of finances includes financial management. It looks at how people or organizations use their money. This can include budgeting, saving, investing, lending, and many other things. It is about how we control money. Companies also use financial management as a tool.

Organizations can measure how well they perform during a time period and if they are generating a profit or a loss. Accounting Sciences describes the types of courses relating to the accounting side of finance.

UNISA Finance Options for Studying

There are many courses regarding finance. UNISA offers several options to choose from, ranging from short courses to postgraduate programmes.

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Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) for UNISA Finance

An SLP is a great choice if you just want to learn about a specific part of finance. These courses can be on financial basics or more advanced concepts. Certain diploma and degree programmes contain these courses as part of the curriculum.  

The following SLPs are available for Financial Management: 



Short Course

You can see more information on the short learning programmes by clicking here, including the cost of the modules. If you do decide to study a qualification that’s finance-related, then you may find the module you have completed is included in your coursework. You can apply for an exemption from the module if your previous results were satisfactory. 

Higher Certificate

Banking plays a crucial role in finances. The certificate will introduce you to the financial sector and lay the groundwork for further knowledge. You will learn the theory and principles relating to bank management. 

The Higher Certificate in Banking requires an APS of 15. You will receive an NQF level 5 qualification if you complete the certificate successfully. You can then start an entry-level job in banking or other parts of the financial industry. 

Diploma in Local Government Finance

The diploma offered by UNISA Finance will prepare students for a career in government. It will provide the knowledge to understand political finances. You will obtain the skills required for further education, or you can start to apply for jobs immediately. 

To qualify for the diploma you must have an APS of 17 or higher. You will receive an NQF level 6 qualification when you graduate. The diploma also allows you to register with the Institute of Municipal Finance Officers (IMFO). 

Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management 

A BCom degree will provide you with the theory, knowledge, and application of financial principles. The Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management covers a range of topics that you will study in-depth to prepare you for a corporate career. 

The BCom in Financial Management requires students to hold an APS of at least 21. The degree takes a minimum of three years to complete but you can do it part-time over more years. You will be awarded an NQF level 7 qualification at graduation. You then have the option to study further. 

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Bachelor of Commerce Honours

An Honours qualification provides you with the opportunity to be well-versed in all financial concepts. The UNISA Finance department has two options for the Honours qualification: Financial Management or Financial Modelling

The Honours in Financial Management teaches you more about investments, management of financial institutions, and advanced finance concepts. The qualification will also aid in obtaining the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). 

The Honours in Financial Modelling focuses on developing research, scientific, and technical skills. It prepares you for modeling of operations research and finance, opening the door to a career in commerce. 

A minimum APS of 60 is a prerequisite to study either Honours programme. Successful graduates will receive an NQF level 8 qualification and may qualify to move on to the Masters programme. 

Studying UNISA Finance Courses

Master of Commerce in Business Management

The Masters programme for UNISA Finance falls under the Business Management classification. Finance, Risk Management, and Banking is the official qualification stream.

A postgraduate diploma or bachelor honours degree is a prerequisite when applying for the Masters programme. Your prior studies must also be in a relevant field. The Masters programmes focus on research. You will have to submit a research outline before completing your full research article. Completing the Masters programme will give you an NQF level 9 qualification.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Management Studies

A doctoral degree is the top point of any individual’s studies. It requires a lot of time, dedication and effort to complete the Doctor of Philosophy in Management Studies. The qualification stream still remains as Finance, Risk Management, and Banking for UNISA Finance. 

You must hold a relevant Masters degree to apply for the doctoral programme and get approval for your research. The doctoral degree culminates in an advanced thesis according to set academic standards. You will get an NQF level 10 qualification if your research is accepted by the Department. 

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Last Updated: 19 March 2023

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