Unisa Higher Certificates for 2020

Unisa Higher Certificates. Picture: Pixabay

Higher Certificates are an excellent way to begin your journey toward your dream career, especially if you do not qualify to study for a Bachelor’s Degree. Higher Certificates can be studied after Matric at many universities.


There are many fields available to study at the Higher Certificate level. One of the biggest advantages of choosing to study for a Higher Certificate is that the entry requirements are far easier to achieve. 


What Are The Requirements To Study A Higher Certificate Course At UNISA?

The entry requirement for all the UNISA Higher Certificate courses is an APS of 15, otherwise known as a Higher Certificate pass. This is much easier to achieve than a Bachelor’s Degree pass, which requires an APS of 23. You can read all about how to calculate your own APS here.


How Long Does It Take To Complete A Higher Certificate At UNISA?

All Higher Certificate courses at UNISA take a minimum of one year. You can take up to three years to complete it if you choose to. 


Does NSFAS Fund Higher Certificate Courses?

Yes, South African students studying any undergraduate qualification – including a Higher Certificate – at a South African university qualify to apply for NSFAS. Note that meeting the requirements does not automatically grant you funding for your studies. 


What Level Is A Higher Certificate?

A Higher Certificate is NQF level 5. There are 10 NQF levels, the highest being NQF level 10 which is a Doctoral Degree. Matric is NQF level 4.


What Higher Certificate Courses Does UNISA Offer? 

The Higher Certificate courses on offer for 2022 are as follows: 

When Can I Apply To Study For A Higher Certificate?

You can apply online through the UNISA application portal any time in the year. You can also choose to apply with a hard copy by filling in the physical form at your nearest UNISA offices. You can check application dates for hard copy applications here, and read our guide on applying to UNISA


What Have We Learned?

  • The only entry requirement for a UNISA Higher Certificate course is an APS of 15
  • A Higher Certificate course will take a minimum of one year to complete
  • NSFAS does fund Higher Certificate courses at UNISA
  • A Higher Certificate is NQF level 5
  • Online applications for UNISA are open all year

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248 thoughts on “UNISA Higher Certificates 2022”

    1. As stated in the article, you can study for a Higher Certificate in Education. One step further would be to study a BEd qualification. Find out what BEd qualifications are available here.

      1. Goodness Nelisiwe

        I want to study a higher certificate in education I want to know more as I was been rejected applying for diploma in office administrator and public administration

        1. You have to meet the requirements set by UNISA in order to have a chance of having your application approved. The article shows what’s needed to study for a Higher Certificate in Education.

          You can also read more about UNISA’s Education Undergraduate Qualifications here.

          1. Hi,my daughters points are 19..must she apply for a higher certificate in education for teaching and how long does it take and after that what is the next step.she has 50% for english.or law

          2. A Higher Certificate qualification is a year-long qualification. It’s possible for her to apply for a HC in Law or Education (as long as she meets the minimum admission requirements set by UNISA).

            Once she completes the qualification, then she will be able to apply for a higher qualification such as a BEd or a LLB.

            Here are the admission requirements for both abovementioned qualifications:

            A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with at least 30% in the language of teaching and learning


            a Senior Certificate (SC) with at least an F symbol on HG or an E symbol on SG in the language of teaching and learning


            a National Certificate (Vocational) Level 4 with an equivalent of at least 40% in the language of teaching and learning in terms of the NSC.

            If she qualified with a Diploma pass, she may want to take a look at the following article: UNISA Diploma Qualifications 2020

          3. After completing Higher Certificate in Criminal Justice, Can I pause Graduation then do Diploma?

          4. You won’t be able to attend graduation as graduation is only available to those who completed the following qualifications:

            1. A degree;
            2. A 3-Year diploma; or
            3. A Postgraduate Diploma.

            Furthermore, graduation ceremonies are suspended till further notice because of COVID-19. Once your qualification is confirmed 100%, you can apply for a Diploma or a Degree qualification in the same field of study. For example, a Bachelors in Criminology.

          5. Good day.
            Can you please kindly assist me. My nephew was doing higher certificate in law. She was writing her May/June examination. She was to continue with this degree. What is she suppose to do? She has not yet receive her result. What must she do now?

          6. Is your niece planning to study a LLB qualification once done with her HC in Law? If so, she will have to apply for the LLB. However, the application period to study in Semester 2 has already closed (plus the LLB qualification was already full for the second semester), so your niece will have to wait until the next application window in order to apply for her course.

            Note that she cannot register in the upcoming registration period for a new qualification if she has not applied first.

        2. Good day.

          If u matriculated with a diploma pass and did not meet the mathematics mark for a bachelor’s degree.

          Can a higher certificate in accounting bridge the gap between the diploma pass and a bachelor’s degree in accountancy.

          Thank you

          1. That is correct, yes. You can use a higher certificate to apply for a Bachelors degree, circumnavigating around the diploma route. Remember that if you passed with a diploma pass, you can apply for a diploma or a higher certificate qualification at Unisa.

            Make sure that the qualification of your choice has a Higher Certificate option as an admission requirement.

          2. Hey I did computer literacy it is possible for me to continue with my computer science at UNISA?

      2. Thomas Thainaikee

        Good day I have completed a higher certificate in law is t possible to know apply for degree in education

      3. Hi Dylan,

        I trust that you are well.I have been accepted to do HC in Economics.How many years would it take before I can qualify for degree in Industrial and Organisational psychology?

    2. Good morning, I have office administration ncv level 4 certificate and would like to study education with UniSA is it possible? Thanks

      1. Please take a look at the admission requirements of the particular Education qualification at UNISA whether you qualify or not.

        Read more on UNISA’s Education qualifications here.

        1. Hi im doing higher certificate in law next year i want to do teaching can i able to do teaching with my higher certicate in law or i need to do higher certificate in education first?

          1. You cannot do a BEd qualification with the HC in Law. You may want to apply for the HC in Education first if you do not directly qualify for any BEd qualification.

  1. Hi I would Like to Study Bachelor of arts in Forensic science and Technology. But I have a Senior Certificate(SC) without endorsement.

    D in English HG
    29 years of age

    Does Unisa apply for Matriculation Exemption At the Matriculation Board for you on day of admission registration?

    1. Good day I would like to know if I can use my higher certificate to apply to another institution or is it just for unisa?

        1. So with a higher certificate from Unisa you can apply for a similar Diploma/Degree at any University in S.A even if your NSC doesnt qualify you?

          1. That is correct, yes. The Higher Certificates are viewed as a bridging course and can only help you with applying at another university. Remember to check the course admission requirements of the university you want to register at in future.

          2. Am currently doing higher certificate in Banking, after completing it am I able to apply for bachelor degree in supply chain management or bachelor. Degree in human resource management ?

          3. You would be able to apply for the degree of your choice upon completion of your Higher Certificate qualification (as long as they’re from the same Unisa college).

          1. Hey there’s a higher in Information technology at Durban university of technology. So if I do it next year and pass… will i be able to apply for Bachelor’s degree or Bcom in Information technology instead of Diploma?

          2. Students can use the Higher Certificate qualification that they have obtained and use it to apply for a Bachelors Degree. While that’s how it works at Unisa, I’m not sure if it’s applicable to DUT standards.

          3. Hii I passed my matric with a diploma and I don’t qualify for a course at university so can I study a higher certificate course and use it to apply at higher institutions?

          4. You can apply for a Higher Certificate qualification at Unisa. At the same time, you can also apply for a Diploma qualification to study at Unisa since you did pass your Matric with a diploma pass as you said.

        2. Hey , i would like to apply for Diploma in safety Management but i do not qualify , which higher certificate course should i choose that will help me to be accepted for diploma in safety Management in futute?

          1. You can choose up to any of the following qualifications that can help you qualify for the Diploma in Safety Management:

            Higher Certificate in Banking
            Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences
            Higher Certificate in Marketing
            Higher Certificate in Retailing
            Higher Certificate in Supervisory Management
            Higher Certificate in Tourism Management

            Keep in mind that upon completion of one of the abovementioned higher certificates, you can apply for a Bachelors degree within the same college.

      1. 1.Can I finish a higher certificate courses before 3 years in order to apply for a diploma?
        2.Can i do a bridging course having a matric higher certificate?

        1. You have up to 3 years to finish a Higher Certificate qualification. Upon completion, you can apply for a diploma or degree of your choice (as long as it’s relevant to the higher certificate qualification).

          To answer your second question, the Higher Certificates offered by UNISA can be used as a bridging course (as long as you meet the APS and additional admission requirements).

      2. Good day,I wanted to apply for Transport and Logistics/Bachelor in Supply Chain Management but my math ain’t good,so I wanted to know which higher certificate to apply for in order to study one of the two.

        1. Any Higher Certificate offered in the College of Economic and Management Sciences can be used in order for you to qualify for the BCom in Supply Chain and Operations Management

      3. I’m doing Higher certificate in Logistics and supply chain management in Boston College so can I apply for degree at Unisa after completing my Higher certificate?

  2. Hi, please advise…
    I only have a Gr 11 pass. I would like to enrol to study for a national diploma in safety management. I have been working in this field for 10+ years. Is it possible for me to apply for some sort of bridging course that I can enroll in or can I apply for the Higher Certificate?
    Any advice will be most appreciated.

    1. Unisa has this thing called the Recognition of Prior Learning.

      As per UNISA’s website, your experience could translate into subject credits within your qualification or direct access into a postgraduate qualification.
      During your lifetime, you will have acquired various skills, competencies and experiences. This learning – which may have taken place outside of formal education and training – is valuable, irrespective of where or when it was obtained. You may have acquired skills or knowledge from a combination of training conducted while at work, experience you gained in the workplace, short courses or from community work in a relevant field.

      RPL permits you to gain credits within formal certificate, diploma and degree qualifications offered by Unisa based on the level and extent of your knowledge. Your prior learning will be measured against specified prescribed learning outcomes.

      I hope you find this information useful.