Unisa January February 2022 Examination Results Update

The Unisa January February 2022 examination period is over and done with and the results are out!

While it’s a welcome relief for students who will finally find out whether they have passed their exams, the university has identified certain issues with regards to the newly-departed examination period.

Unisa Invigilation Tools: Were They Used?


The university identified two issues when it came to its invigilation tools for examination:

  1. There were high volumes of students who did not participate in the online invigilation of the January/February 2022 exams.
  2. Some students failed to upload their invigilation results from the Invigilation App within 5 days after the exam.

Those who failed to do the latter are viewed as students who did not participate in the online invigilation. This essentially means a “no-show” for the students who did not follow Unisa’s guidelines on online invigilation.

For students who did not follow the guidelines on the Invigilator App, the following procedures will be implemented:

  1. Students who wrote Unisa exams for the first time will be afforded another chance to rewrite in the May/June 2022 examination period
  2. Students who wrote supplementary exams during the examination period will have their results held back and be required to register again.

This will come as a blow to students who wrote the exams only to fall at the last hurdle.

Additionally, students who did not participate in the IRIS proctoring will have their results held back and required to register again. The same can’t be said for students who obtained permission to not use the proctoring tools. Students who obtained permission from using the tools will be exempted.

Students who have their results withheld can appeal the university’s decision via the appeal form which you can access online here. Students have to attach proof of permission to not use the proctoring tools for their appeal to be under consideration by the university.

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Plagiarism, Aegrotat Applications & the Release of Exam Results

The university holds firm in its belief in zero-tolerance when it comes to cheating and plagiarism during the online examinations.

Students who were identified as those who cheated via the invigilation tools have been referred to the university’s Disciplinary Office. Affected students are, in the meantime, urged to re-register for their affected modules pending the outcome of the disciplinary process. Any disciplinary-related enquiries can be forwarded to the following address: Examscriptdiciplinary@unisa.ac.za

Students who faced the following challenges when it came to writing their Unisa examination were requested to apply for an aegrotat exam:

  • Students who experienced loadshedding
  • Students who experienced network issues
  • Students who experienced death of loved ones or suffered illness

As per Unisa guidelines, students applying for an aegrotat examination would have had to apply within ten (10) days of their scheduled exam. Aegrotat applications will not be accounted for once examination marks are released (apply the sooner, the better).

Students looking to enquire about anything exam-related are advised to forward all enquiries to exams@unisa.ac.za. As in previous years, examination results will be released on a staggered basis, with an expectation that all Unisa January February 2022 examination results will be released by 28 March 2022.

: 22 March 2022

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