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The University of South Africa (UNISA) Library is the largest academic library in Africa. The UNISA Library carries a wide range of books, articles, journals, and other academic material. Some are even available in both physical and online form.

How Do I Join the UNISA Library?

To gain access into UNISA’s library, you will have to meet the following requirements: 

  1. Be a UNISA student, staff member, or researcher
  2. Have a UNISA library card

How Much Is Library Access At UNISA?

A Library card costs R45 at UNISA. If you lose your card, or if your card gets stolen, you can report your card as lost or stolen and buy a replacement card. This will also cost R45. 

Note that these fees may be subject to change. 

Can I Borrow Books From the UNISA Library?

Yes, as long as you are a student, staff member, or researcher at UNISA, you may borrow books and other materials from the UNISA library. 

How Many Books Can I Borrow?

The number of books you can borrow depends on your level of study. The number of books allowed at each study level is as follows: 

  • Undergraduates: 8 items
  • Postgraduates: 16 items, including audio-visual
  • Undergraduate music students: 12 items
  • Postgraduate music students: 20 items
  • Other membership categories: 8 items

What Is A Library Fine At UNISA?

A Library Fine at UNISA is when you do not return your books on time. When you take a book out of the library, you are given a date by which you must return the book. You can renew the book on the date of return, but you cannot renew it after that date. 

Once your books are late, you will be charged a fine per item per day it is late. The fee is currently R5 per item per day. You will not be allowed to take out any new books until these books are returned, and the fine has been paid. 

How Many Times Can You Renew a Library Book at UNISA?

This also depends on your level of study. Undergraduate students are allowed two renewals, and postgraduate students are allowed three renewals. However, a renewal will not be granted if:

  • An item is on hold
  • The member has an outstanding fine on their account

What Is A ‘Hold’?

A hold is when the book is needed for other library members and no copies are available. When a member brings a copy back, they may not renew it, and it will be given to the first library member on the waiting list. 

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What Type Of Library Is UNISA Library?

UNISA is an academic library. They offer academic material such as, journals, articles, dissertations, theses, as well as other things such as art slides. 

Does UNISA Have An Online Library?

Yes, UNISA does have an online library, where you can access all UNISA e-resources. 

Does The Library Have Prescribed Books?

Yes, the library does keep prescribed UNISA books. However, there may not always be a copy available. 

Where Can I Find The Nearest UNISA Library?

You can find a branch closest to you by using the UNISA Library Branch Locator

Is the Library Open To Public?

No, the UNISA library is not open to the public. You must be a UNISA student in order to access the library. 

What Have We Learned?

  • You can get into the UNISA library with a library card allocated by the university
  • A UNISA Library Card currently costs R45
  • You can borrow a different number of books depending on your study level
  • A library fine is charged when you are late to return items
  • You can renew books a different number of times depending on your study level
  • A hold means there are other library members waiting to borrow that book
  • UNISA is an academic library
  • UNISA does have an online library
  • UNISA Library does carry UNISA prescribed books
  • You can find your nearest library using the branch locator
  • The library is not open to the public

Written by Chloe Bydawell
Published on 14 September 2022

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