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Marketing is all around us. Everyday we see television ads, hear radio ads while driving, view sponsored posts on social media, and see billboards along the road. You may receive a coupon for a product or be given a piece of chocolate to taste while shopping. All of these things are part of marketing. It even exists when you call a customer service number or talk to a restaurant manager about poor quality food. That is why UNISA Marketing offers a range of qualification for a career in the industry.

Marketing is all about promoting items that are for sale. These items can include products and services. Marketing is a great career choice because it has many sub-sections. This may include advertising, creating products, market research, delivering items, and communicating with consumers.

UNISA Marketing Courses 

Marketing is a diverse field with many things to learn. The UNISA Marketing courses include short courses, diplomas, and degree programmes.  

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UNISA Marketing Short Learning Programmes (SLPs)

Study UNISA Marketing courses

The SLPs presented by UNISA are shorter courses and cover specific marketing material. An SLP will introduce you to basic principles or deal with advanced concepts. Each SLP has its own entry requirements, course duration and cost. 

Several marketing management SLPs are available. There are also SLPs relating to Retail Management, which is a subsection of marketing. Some SLPs will also form part of UNISA Marketing diploma or degree programmes. You may qualify for an exemption from the module if you have already completed the corresponding SLP. 

UNISA Marketing Higher Certificate

A higher certificate is a great introduction to Marketing and can lead to an entry-level job. You need to have an APS of 15 if you want to apply for a higher certificate. After completion you will possess an NQF level 5 qualification. There are two options for higher certificates that relate to marketing. 

The Higher Certificate in Marketing will introduce marketing principles and theory. Case studies are used for application of knowledge. You will be able to use the practical knowledge within the South African marketing industry.

The Higher Certificate in Retailing considers retail store management in more depth. The certificate focuses on merchandise purchases, selling products, and managing people. It also gives you entrance to advanced Marketing programmes.   

Diploma in Marketing Management 

UNISA Marketing offers a Diploma in Marketing Management for individuals who want to learn more about the field. The programme includes marketing theory, knowledge, and application. You will learn the necessary skills and abilities to be successful in a marketing position.

An APS of 17 is a prerequisite for the diploma. An NQF level 6 qualification is awarded to you when you finish the programme. It also gives you the ability to study more advanced marketing courses. 

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management 

UNISA Marketing courses for students

Most marketers start off with a BCom in Marketing Management. The Bachelors programme provides comprehensive marketing training. It includes a strong foundation of marketing theory and application through case studies. The modules vary widely but are specific to various aspects of marketing. The coursework gives sound marketing knowledge for application to real-life situations. 

Individuals with an APS of 21 can apply for the Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management. Successful students graduate with NQF level 7 and may qualify for the Honours programme. 

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Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Marketing Management

Students may opt to further their studies with the BCom Honours in Marketing Management. The Honours qualification cements acquired knowledge and expands application. Research forms part of the programme, as well as theoretical components. 

Prospective applicants must hold an APS of 60 and have graduated with a relevant Bachelor’s qualification. The BCom Honours in Marketing Management is an NQF level 8 qualification

Master of Commerce in Business Management

Marketing as a qualification stream forms part of Business Management. The Master of Commerce programme includes Marketing as an area of specialisation. Research of a specific topic is at the heart of the programme. 

Admission requirements include a suitable BCom Honours qualification and an approved research proposal. You will receive an NQF level 9 qualification if all modules are passed within the specified time frame. 

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Doctor of Philosophy in Management Studies

A Doctoral degree in Marketing is done under the umbrella of Management Studies. Research is the basis of the doctoral degree. A thesis demonstrating high-levels of knowledge and application must be submitted. It should also add value to the marketing industry. Prerequisites for the doctoral programme include an approved research proposal and a Masters degree in a related field. An NQF level 10 qualification is awarded to successful candidates.

UNISA Marketing with Together We Pass

Marketing is an exciting industry! There are constant changes and new technologies. Your studies are similar: you need to learn new skills and information every day. Luckily, Together We Pass is here to help you every step of the way. 

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Last updated: 9 September 2019

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