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      1. mine is 47% ,,i wonder if there is an adjustment policy in this case to get 50% to graduate, all other modules passed with distinctions.so if not i must re do one mode the whole of next year, IOP4864

  1. I want to know if you have done a report module how you go about having it reevaluated if you got 45% and an external marker has also gone over your work.

    1. Are you referring to a research module by any chance? If you have already sent out your exam for a remark and received feedback, then you will have to accept the result of the remarked exam. Which module are you referring to?

          1. Good Day!
            Say a student decide to buy his/her exam script and find that it was wrongfully marked or the marks given as exam marks are not according to the marked script. What steps should he/she tales to correct that mistake?

          2. Unfortunately there is no procedure available when it comes to discrepancies. What you “could possibly do” is purchase your exam script and check whether your mark that you’ve received for your exam correlates with your work. Afterwards, you could apply for a remark of your exam paper if you feel like it was marked incorrectly.

          3. Good morning, I have question about a final Mark. As to say for example I have obtained 49,4% on certain module that does not provide supplements as it was a portfolio exam(SJD1501). Hence i would like to know what is to expect as so say every University has an adjustment policy for such cases but I seriously find hard to believe . So I would like to know what is to expect a fail or a pass in such case?

          4. Unisa does have an adjustment policy in place in the event that you would receive a mark of 48 or 49 percent on your final mark. In such cases and according to Unisa’s policy, the mark will be adjusted to 50%. If your mark was, for example, 46 or 47%, the examiner/lecturer can either leave the mark as is or adjust it to 50%

  2. Good day,
    I’m a LLB student. I received my result for fundamental rights module today. My mark was only 34%. I don’t want to Justify it, but I really really feel hard done by outcome and furthermore I can’t submit for remark
    I feel an injustice to the outcome and can’t help integrity and accuracy of marking process.
    I would still like to submit for remark. I do acknowledged the 35% benchmark but I won’t be at ease repeating module feeling hard done by marking process.
    William Ngoma

    1. I’m sorry to see that not only you failed your module, but you missed out on a remark by 1%. Unisa is pretty strict about their rules, so I’m not sure if it’s at all possible to bend the rules because you just missed out.

      It’s highly unlikely that they would accept your remark request, but it’s best that you go to your nearest Unisa regional center, speak to a student advisor and find out whether you can or not.

          1. Good Day Respected
            Hope you are well

            I have emailed professors but awaiting response. I was referred to you, hope you can assist.

            I have completed my BeD degree with a CumLaude. I have completed 3/5 honours modules with distinctions. I passed the one without even doing the contingency assignment.

            However in my HREDU portfolio, an error on my mark was made. My assignment 4 was not added and it showed 40%, then after various emails showing calculations and proof, it got corrected to 46%. I am aware that 46% is still a fail. But it is my final mark , & I read on a Unisa website a 4% adjustment can be made and was given to some students. It is my final module to complete my honours. Please try to assist me. All prove is attached below.

            The audit process is occurring at the moment and I don’t want it to be too late to make any adjustments. I am told my matter is getting communicated and I should wait , yet I am waiting from the 12th of March.

            Thank you for your assistance
            Much appreciated

  3. Good day.
    I’m a LLB student. I just received my PVL2601 marks today and I am unsatisfied and also worried that I won’t be able to apply for a remark because the closing date was on the 29th of July. I obtained 35%, and I qualify to apply for a remark my concern is that it is closed for applications.

    1. Considering that the due date for a remark of exam scripts are closed, yet multiple students are still waiting for their results, it shouldn’t be out of the question that Unisa might extend the remark date.

      Although Unisa has not said anything, please confirm with Unisa whether it will be extended or not. You can contact the Exam Remark department at [email protected] or head to your nearest Unisa campus and enquire about the exam remark.

        1. Ntombifikile Flora Mgobozi

          Good morning
          I want to know how can I claim back my remark fees payment as I applied for Enn1504 remark for last semester but still no feed back.I decided to write again during these exams and l just received my new result,already pass.What can I do to get my money back?

      1. Hi please help me I got would like to apply for a remark on TPF3701 since I got 36%

        Where to find the application form

        And how to.make payment for a remark

    1. Unisa states that only mark-reading sheets and the practical component of an exam cannot be remarked. You should be able to submit your exam portfolio for a remark.

      1. Sinethemba Mango

        Good day

        Can I still apply for Social Justice and Dimension (SJD1501) last portfolio 7.

        That might might affect my potential sponsor thinking towards my results.


        Hi, I am a BEd Final year student, wrote exam on Oct/Nov 2023 and was negetively affected on the RCE2601 module portfolio with “Examination error 0 mark” after being resolved I got 39% which I still doubt the correctness of results. I tried to apply for remark but the system doesn’t allow me. yet I qualify for remark. Will I possibly qualify for FI Concession since I am only left with RCE2601 module to complete my qualification.
        Is there any possible for remark?

        1. According to UNISA, FI-concessions only apply to students who have less than 24 credits outstanding to complete their qualification. Students must have written the previous examination and failed the examination in the one/two outstanding module(s) during the last examination session.

          Considering these factors and what you have said, you would likely qualify for a FI Concession. Is the 39% your final semester mark or is that your exam marks? Regardless of that, you do need to have gotten at least 30% from your exam to qualify for one.

  4. I am one of those students who are not happy about the exam result, something is not adding up here how do u supp something that you are sure you wrote the corrects answers,but still receive a supp/fail this is really confusing. this got me thinking about Who was really marking our scripts? I demand a remark i am not really satisfied about this. Unisa has so many issues i wonder if they even care about our queries and issues or they are just another quick money making skeem.

    1. It does say that it may take a while to get your remarked results. It would be best to enquire about it to a student advisor at your nearest UNISA campus.

  5. Good day
    Are there any application forms to be completed for a remark application and if so, where can it be downloaded from?

  6. I received my final mark today for module PBA4802 and i failed. My year mark was not added to the portfolio exam mark because i got less than 40% for the portfolio. It doesn’t make sense at all and i feel the results are not accurate. How do I request for my portfolio exam script?

    1. You can either apply for a remark of your portfolio exam (read more on that here) or you can purchase your portfolio exam script via applying in writing for a copy of the prescribed application form via e-mail: [email protected] (student number must appear in the subject heading) or fax at 012 429 4150.

      1. I received my final mark today and I have failed I don’t understand because my year mark was 98.75% and my final mark is 29% i need to know where can I download the remark of the script.

  7. I would like to find out what happens if you purchase an exam script (in this case a mark reading sheet)and find some discepancies, can i then apply for a remark? I wrote a module which i am certain that i did pretty well but got 32% which doesnt allow me to apply for a remark because the benchmark starts at 35%

    1. Mark-reading sheets are not subject to a remark. The answers are marked electronically and not by a lecturer. All answers are preloaded onto a machine, so there’s no room for error in this regard. So unfortunately you may want to re-register for that particular module of choice.

  8. I am not satisfied with the result I got I think my scripts were not marked coz they gave me the same marks as 2014 and 2016 how possible is that

    1. It’s possible to have your exam scripts reviewed. However, there is a specific timeframe in which you can apply for a remarking of your exam script. At the same time, you need to meet the requirements set by UNISA in order to qualify for a remark.

      Closing date for applications of remarking an exam script from the October/November exams is 31 January 2020.

  9. Hi. Please assist… I wrote a PyC2601 MCQ exam in November 2019. I had 18% as my final mark and I strongly disagree with it. I had studied for the exam and wrote well. I was pretty confident I’d obtain above 60%. 18% is just shocking! I can’t apply for a remark since it’s an MCQ exam but I’m certain something went wrong either on my side or unisa. I really need to know what went wrong. I know the scripts are marked by a system but does it also capture the final mark automatically on the database? Please advise as I need to get to the bottom of this. I feel it’s no use repeating the module when I do not kno what my mistake was because I wrote exactly what I studied. I feel that it could be, Unisa erroneously captured my final mark or I erroneously captured my answers (which I doubt because I always double check my answers before handing in my script) on the sheet but something is definitely not right. I will purchase a copy of my script but without the memo it’s pointless. Please advise.

    1. If you can get a hold of the exam paper, then you can conduct an open book exam of your own and see whether you’ve actually gotten 18% or not. You would have to purchase a copy of your script though for this to work so that you can do it correctly.

      As you’ve said, MCQs are reviewed and marked by a system so it’s hard to conclude that your exam was incorrectly marked. Have you reached out to fellow PYC2601 students who also felt something was wrong with their exam results? Keep in mind that the system will not capture results that were filled in with a pen, but as you’re a second year student, you would already know that by now.

  10. Good day
    I’ve applied for a remark since last semester, a month after applying the module reappeared in my modules list on myUnisa as registered (i registered in 2018 then couldnt write in the same period so i had an Aegrotat the following semester) for semester 2 2018, i’ve sent emails to the Cas department and still no answer… so what does it mean?did they make me pass or i have to write a supp or something ?

    1. Your final exam results will show whether the module in question is subject to a supplementary exam or not. However, I’m a bit confused because you mentioned that you were registered for the module for the second semester in 2018. Download a copy of your academic record. It will highlight the modules that you have already passed. If the module in question does not appear, then it’s most likely that you would have to register and rewrite that module.

  11. Good Day, I have received 100% for both Assignments 1 and 2 for Module MNB1601, however have obtained 36% in the exams. Taking into account the answers for the Mark Reading Sheets are preloaded onto a machine and there’s no room for error for electronic marking, is there a possibility that the results could have been given to the incorrect student? I ask this as I can’t understand how I have obtained 100% for two assignments but fail for the same exam.

    1. Remember that assignments and the exam are two completely different beasts. It could be possible but at the same time, highly unlikely. It’s also unfortunate that your exam was conducted with a mark reading sheet. This essentially rules out the possibility of an exam remark.

      Unfortunately you may have to accept the mark as is and redo your MNB1601 module.

  12. I got 37% on Fac3704 , I purchased my script already , I just wa t to know if I can get the lecture to help go through my script , should I get the 3 marks and get sub minimum, will my year mark be still applicable?

    1. You should apply for a remark regarding your FAC3703 module if you feel like you’ve gotten lower than you should. Closing date for students to apply for a remark of their UNISA exam script is 31 January 2020.

  13. Good afternoon, I failed ABT1512 with 45%,then I apply for remarking on the 20th of December still not getting my feedback.

    1. Remarking results will be made available to students more or less 2 months after the closing date of the remark process. In this case, the closing date for the October/November 2019 remark process in 31 January 2020.

      So you can expect your remark results in March/April.

      1. Kiasha Manthree

        Good day.

        I hope that you are well.

        I applied for my remark. Still awaiting results.

        Do you have any idea when it will be made available due to the lockdown in SA?

        Kind regards

        1. Thanks for the kind words, Kiasha. If you applied for a remark at or before the due date, you were supposed to receive feedback by now. The lockdown shouldn’t affect the remark process.

          1. Hi,
            I have also applied for a remark with no response from UNISA. I contacted the course head lecturer and she advised that she is unable to assist me. I have sent 14 emails to the remark department with no response. Now I am preparing to write the sup as this is the last module to complete my qualification. Very sad times :(

          2. So sorry to hear. You should have gotten a response by now, so this is quite the lengthy delay for a remark.

  14. Dear Dylan,

    Kindly please explain the below extract from the MRL3701 Tutorial letter.

    “To pass this module, you must obtain a subminimum of 50% for the combined semester mark and the examination mark”.

    Thank you

    1. This means that you need a minimum of 50% in order to pass the module. Marks for your exam as well as your assignments will count for your module.

  15. I qualify for a remark as I fit within the required 68 – 74%. My hesitation is how often do people get a lower mark after a remark?

    1. Unfortunately, I do not have the stats on whether students get a higher/lower mark upon remark. It’s all depends on whether you feel like you should have gotten a higher mark or not. In your instance, there’s not much of a risk as you’ve already passed the module. I’m under the assumption though that you’re aiming for a distinction in your module, right?

    1. According to UNISA, this falls under miscellaneous fees. These fees may be added to your study fees, so you would use the same reference number as your study fees (5400374721)

  16. Hello
    I would like to find out how long does it take to receive final concession assesment results for pyc 2601 October/N ovember 2019. I submitted on the due date 26 february 2020 and still have not receive results whether i was sucessfull or not.

    1. It would be a few months before you will receive your FI Concession exam results, so expect feedback on your results in April/May.

  17. I got a 61 % in my portfolio as my final mark.The course work l got 76% and the exam portfolio 46% .The 61% final mark for the portfolio exam does not qualify for a remark.I strongly believe the person who marked my portfolio ignored certain key components in it .When l compiled my final portfolio l checked the guide that was given to us. There is no way l could have messed my final portfolio and this can prejudice my chances for further studies.What can l do if l want a remark

    1. While you can’t unfortunately apply for a remark, it is possible for you to purchase your portfolio and see why they marked the way they did.

      Forward an e-mail to [email protected] to purchase your exam portfolio. Remember to include your student number in the subject line and the module code in the body of the e-mail.

      Fees for payment of your exam portfolio can be found here.

  18. Kgomotso Glendah Molefe

    I applied for remarking Eng1501since begining of Januuary till now I did not reveive my result and is the only module a left with to complete my course

    1. Mamoloko Seretlo

      Hi Kgomotso I’m im the same situation .. left with only this one module to complete my degree .. such a sad situation

      Did you eventually get your remark results or you had to re-do the whole module again?

  19. Kgomotso Glendah Molefe

    I had that if you left with only one module exam department can give you a portfolio or Fi concession but I did not receive any of those and I left with only one module to complete I registered only one module which is now a year module.I would have completed in May/June now the course is a year module .


    I am enquiring in regard to remarking that I didn’t receive the outcome yet and I will be writing the same module again on 21 October 2020. I wanted to know before I started my exam.

    Simon Ngwenya

      1. Hello I want to know how they calculate the the final mark..because if I use 20% for both assignment and 80% for examination I’m getting lost because I got 78% for my exam and 90% year mark for my assignments then I got 80% for final year mark…my main concern is how? Just for future calculations.
        Thank you

    1. You could apply for a remark of your portfolio as you fall within the threshold regarding the remarking of Unisa scripts (39% to 49%). No closing date has been given yet for students to apply for a Unisa remark as yet.

  21. Hi
    I wish to know what will happen if I purchase my script and find that there are discrepancies in marking of my script. Should I ask my lecture to look at my script or what because I really feel that my script is wrong marked and at the same time I do not qualify for remarking

  22. Is it possible to write a supplementary exam while you have applied for remarking i got 40% for PYC4812 i can’t open the timetable on my life and there is nothing on my time table on myunisa. The results now are saying outstanding does that mean i have forfeited an opportunity to write supplementary examination.

  23. I received 45% supp on my exam and applied for a remark and received an email stating that yhe results will be ready 2 months after closing date. Can I still write the supplementary in the meantime ordo I have to wait for the remark results? And if yes which results will be considered as final?

  24. I was studying higher certificate in accounting sciences from 2020 then I passed all 9 subjects in total.i failed 1 module during oct/nov 2021 exams.the last subject mark was updated today on the 4th Jan 2022.the module I failed is Enn1504 will I be able to qualify for fi Concession? I m aware you don’t apply for fi Concession instead you qualify.

    However I had initially applied to study bcom financial accounting for 2022.and the application was pending due to outstanding results.

    If I do get fi concession will the results come back in time before closing of registration?or will I have to apply from scratch for 2nd semester?

    Lastly is it possible to find out if I qualify for fi Concession?

  25. good day i am a final year student where by i fail legal philosophy by getting 40 percent and it seems as if there is no supplementary , can anyone assist what can i do i am really confused

  26. Hi

    Is there a reference number for payment of remarking , i am still owing UNISA alot of money that i will be able to pay later on but for now i want the remarking to be processed.

    Thank you
    079 988 3012

  27. I received am average of 59.66667% for Psychology 3rd year. in order to enter I to Honours I need 60%.
    Will Unisa allowed entrance into the Honours Programme?

  28. Good day I got 37% For MNM4801, I applied for a remark on the 3 March 2023, it’s now the 23 July 2023 and still didn’t received my remark, I emailed the remark Dept several times with no answer and this is my last module to complete my Honours:( please help

  29. Nqobile Madonsela


    I was doing my final semester. I have one continuous assessment module with 47.1% final mark. Meaning I am left with just this one to complete my qualification. Will adjustment policy apply? Is Final concession going to apply?

  30. Hi. I received 40% on my exam and 65.6% on my year mark, my final mark is then 45%. Does adjustment policy apply in this instance? this is for MAT1511

  31. Good Morning
    I just got my results for Advanced Programming (COS3711) and I passed the exam with a 54% but had a low year mark of 13% and the final mark using the 70%/30% aggregate came down to 42% which is a “fail”. In the recent exams if one passed the exam and the exam mark was higher than the year mark or if the year mark disadvantaged the student, the year mark would be disregarded. I just wanted to find out if that has changed, this is my last module left to complete the course.


    Hi, I am a BEd Final year student, wrote exam on Oct/Nov 2023 and was negetively affected on the RCE2601 module portfolio with “Examination error 0 mark” after being resolved I got 39% which I still doubt the correctness of results. I tried to apply for remark but the system doesn’t allow me. yet I qualify for remark. Will I possibly qualify for FI Concession since I am only left with RCE2601 module to complete my qualification.
    Is there any possible for remark?

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