Unisa PGCE 2019/2020

PGCE stands for PostGraduate Certificate in Education. A PGCE is an Education qualification for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree, and are looking for either a change in career, or have decided to teach after graduating from university.

Unisa’s College of Education currently offers several PGCE qualifications for students to pursue, all at the Senior Phase and Further Education and Training level. UNISA no longer offers any PGCE qualifications in Foundation Phase and Early Childhood Development, or in Intermediate and Senior Phases. The available PGCE qualifications are as follows: 

What is the PGCE?

The PGCE is a one year qualification that you can study after an undergraduate degree in order to become a school teacher, other than studying for a BEd (Bachelor of Education). Students would also have to register themselves for the South African Council of Educators (SACE) in order to become a school teacher.


The PGCE is seen as a gateway for students who do not want to study for a BEd but still want to become a teacher. For example, students could study for a degree in Marketing and still become a teacher by doing a PGCE without studying another degree for another 3 – 4 years.


While it is recommended that students study directly for an Education qualification such as the Bachelor of Education (BEd), the PGCE remains a popular alternative pathway for those who want to keep their feet in both the education sector and their chosen field of study. 


Students can study for an Education qualification in 2 ways:


  • Study and complete a Bachelor of Education (BEd)
  • Study and complete a relevant Bachelor’s Degree as well as a PGCE qualification.

Both methods take 4 years to complete, so it is best to weigh all options before making a final decision. If you already hold an undergraduate degree, then doing a PGCE qualification is highly recommended.


Note that PGCE is the only alternative pathway recommended by UNISA that students can take into becoming a professional teacher. As per the UNISA website, the Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education and the Postgraduate Diploma in Inclusive Education will not qualify students as school teachers.

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What are the requirements to study for a PGCE at Unisa?

PGCE Senior Phase and FET: 


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 
  • Completion of at least 1 school subject at a 2nd level (minimum) 
  • 2 official languages at 1st level. 
  • APS Score = 50

If you do not at least meet the minimum admission requirements for the PGCE, then Unisa will reject your application. 


It is important to note that the Senior Phase and FET PGCE (among other qualifications) is no longer available to new students at UNISA from 2020 and onwards. Students who have already registered for a PCGE qualification at Senior Phase and FET level will be given until the end of the 2022 academic year to complete their qualification. After that, the qualification will no longer be available from UNISA at all. 


UNISA has also removed the option for students who want to do PGCE modules for non-degree purposes (NDP). No PGCE modules will be available to new students.



What’s the Recommended Study Time for a PGCE?

The PGCE consists of a mixture of six semester-modules and four year-modules, each of which should be managed with care.

Recommended study times differ with each individual person. While some can study 10 hours a week on a module, others are able to study and comprehend the work by studying for only 5 hours a week. It is up to the student on how they approach the work and whether they are able to comprehend the material.


Besides studying the theory of the work, remember that students still have to factor in the 10-week Teacher Practice program. Here are a few study tips that could help assist UNISA students on how to approach their work:

  • Create a clean and stable study environment, staying clear of any distractions;
  • Creating a study plan on what to tackle for the day (especially when it comes to the Teacher Practice program);
  • Implementing mood music (preferably without lyrics) that will get yourself into the rhythm of studying;
  • Creating flashcards (old-school, but why not) with small doses of valuable information that you or others can test on yourself;
  • Avoid or restrict social media to a minimum;
  • Restricting yourself to 10-15 minute breaks to recharge the batteries.
  • Naturally, students have perfected their own way of studying but there’s no harm in adding a few more to the list.

How Much Does It Cost To Do A PGCE At Unisa?

The current pricing to do a PGCE at Unisa in 2022 is:

  • Semester Modules: R1,780.00 per semester
  • Year Modules: R1,815.00 per semester

Altogether, the cost of doing a PGCE at UNISA is R19,895.00

This refers to study fees only and excludes additional costs (library fees, miscellaneous fees, textbooks, etc).


Note that these are study fees for 2022 and the qualification will no longer be available after the 2022 academic year has ended. 


Whether students opt for studying a BEd or the PGCE, it is viewed as a step in the right direction. The fact that young people remain interested in looking towards a career in education bodes well for the future. South Africa currently has a large teacher shortage, with many looking abroad for better career opportunities. 

According to Payscale.com, the average salary cost for a primary school teacher in SA ranges from R62 000 to R295 000 per year. The average salary cost for a high school teacher in SA ranges from R138 000 to R342 000 per year. Teacher salaries do fluctuate depending on where someone teaches, what level they are teaching, and whether the school is public or private.


Last Updated: 18 February 2022

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216 thoughts on “Unisa PGCE 2019/2020”

  1. hi I,m, currently doing my third year at dut.ND:ACCOUNTIND.do I qualify to do pgce(fetphase) in year 2021??

    1. These are the requirements for the requested qualification:

      An appropriate Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent qualification. A student must have completed TWO school subjects at least up to 2nd level and TWO official languages on 1st year level.

      1. What the meaning of (A student must have completed TWO school subjects at least up to 2nd level and TWO official languages on 1st year level). Because i’ve got a National Diplomain electrical engineering and i have tried many time to apply PGCE at Unisa and i was not accepted because of this School subjects.

        1. You shouldn’t be able to apply for a PGCE at UNISA as the qualifications are either phasing out or not available to new students from 2020.

          Referring to your question, the school subjects refers to subjects that you would have had to do via your qualification (for example, English, Afrikaans, Economics, History, Geography, Accounting, etc).

          One more thing – you would have to have at least a Bachelors Degree in order to study for a PGCE qualification.

          1. I cannot say as only Unisa will determine when the PGCE will become available for students to apply for the 2021 academic year. Keep in mind that applications are open all year round.

          2. If you have an appropriate NQF6 undergraduate promotion (diploma or degree), you should be able to study towards a PGCE qualification at Unisa.

          3. Hallo , Im a 2nd year student studying BA Humanities i dont have any school subjects but I have Psychology ,Philosophy, Applied English Studies and General Linguistic I just want to know if it will be possible for me to do PGCE ?

          4. This depends on what PGCE qualification it is that you want to do. Each different PGCE has its own subject requirements. Once you figure out which PGCE it is that you want to do, take a look at its requirements and compare them with your qualification and see whether it’s applicable or not.

            Remember that in order to do PGCE, you would have to have a completed diploma/degree qualification in order to qualify for the programme as per Unisa’s rules.

          1. As of the moment, there is no alternative option available for the PGCE since the PGCE is a set qualification available across multiple universities in SA.

            Doing a full BEd would be your best option if you want to become an educator and are planning to study at Unisa.

          2. I have a Bachelor in Education from the University of Hertfordshire in England from back in 2007. I have taught in China for a long time and now I am moving to an American International school and they need me to have a teachers license or PGSE, I have one year to complete the PGCE if my salary wants to move up. Do you think I can just get my QTS in South Africa because I am a citizen, so many Saffa teachers teacher her with only that not the PGCE.

          3. If you do already have a BEd qualification, there should be no reason why you cannot teach at a school here in South Africa but the standards to an American International School is different, I guess.

            There is no QTS qualifications available in South Africa. You will most likely have to complete the PGCE in order for you to teach at the school.

          4. Hi I’m currently doing my final year this year 2021 I wanted to know can I qualify for pgce for 2022 I am doing Diploma in Management science Business Administration at DUT please help

        2. Desmond Mamabolo

          I am a graduate at the university of Limpopo and i would lime to apply for PGCE (intermediate phase). Do i qualify?

      2. Good Day. Hope all is well.
        I have studied Human Resources Management and Practice support.
        In terms of subjects…
        The modules I did in college are , Business management, advance calculation, Labour Relations, Skills development, and Computer, Humans Resources.
        Would I be able to study PGCE in any university or UniSA it’s self.

        1. You would need to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in order to stand a chance of studying a PGCE qualification. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to study a PGCE qualification at UNISA due to it only being available for already registered students.

          1. Hi..
            What about a person with National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, will that person be able to study PGCE at Unisa?

          2. Students would have to have at least a relevant Bachelor’s degree in order to study for a PGCE qualification. Unfortunately your National Diploma will not enable you to study for a PGCE qualification.

            You won’t be able to do a PGCE at UNISA as it’s only available to already registered students. The programme is in the process of phasing out, so no new students can register for the course.

      3. Hello, i do have bachelor but still on hold due to cashless, my question is should i qualify for pgce while my qualification is onhold?

        1. You need to complete your qualification first, meaning that you have to pay your outstanding funds. Otherwise you will not be recognised as a graduate and you will not be able to apply for the PGCE qualification.

          1. Keep in mind that there are a number of PGCE qualifications available, so you need to meet the admission requirements for the qualification in order to do it. Is your Diploma a NQF6 qualification?

  2. Hi . Am an expatriate educator. I have a B .ED in PHYSICS & electronics. I also did Maths as a subsidiary for more than 2 yrs. My only oficial language i know well is English. Do I qualify for a pgce in Maths senior phase and FET. What are the dates for application for PGCE ?

    1. It’s stated in the article, but you will not be allowed to apply for a PGCE at Unisa. 2 of the 3 PGCEs are being discontinued, while the 3rd will not be available for new students from 2020 onwards.

      1. Hi there Dylan

        May you please advise me on the following: Will I be able to apply for PGCE for the 2021 academic year, I currently hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Business management and Accounting. I also have 1 year lecturing experience. Would I be able to apply or is PGCE only being offered to the existing students who are currently finishing off their PGCE?

        1. You should be able to apply successfully (at the discretion of Unisa) for a PGCE qualification. The PGCE qualifications is open to all who qualify for them. Keep in mind that you do need to meet the admission requirements of the PGCE in order to qualify.

          Each PGCE come with its own requirements for different levels, so make sure you meet those requirements before you decide to apply. There’s no need to worry about the needing of a Bachelors or Diploma part as you have that covered.

          1. Hi, at the moment I hold a n6 business management certificate am I able to do an advance diploma in education or pgce, also a little bit of help which stream I can access to get to pgce.

    1. Siyabonga Nkosi

      hi everyone.i have got an National Diploma in Tourism Management so I want to know whether i can be able to do a PGCE with the qualification I got in TVET.Another thing I want to know is that if i don’t qualify for the PGCE is possible for me to go for Bed with the qualifican i got.i passed my matric with a Diploma n I got N4-N6 in Tourism management which is turned to be a Diploma since i did my Practicals….please I’m looking forward to get the feedback, thank u…

      1. You won’t be able to apply for a PGCE as you need at least a relevant Bachelor’s degree in order to study the PGCE qualification.

        As for your other question, requirements for the BEd course related to your qualification can be viewed online here.

        Looking at the requirements, I cannot say for certain whether you would qualify for a BEd BUT having a suitable qualification can only be to your advantage (since it’s a tertiary qualification). If still uncertain, head to your nearest Unisa campus and speak to a student advisor.

  3. Jacomi Geldenhuys

    Good day
    I have a BA in human and social science. I am already a unisa student, will I be able to register for PCGE when registration opens again?

    1. Regarding the PGCE, you won’t be able to register for it at UNISA as it’s only available to already registered students.

      Either way, if you do want to start a new qualification, you would have to apply for it as you would any other application before you can register.

      1. Hi, as Unisa no longer have the Pcge available, what course can i do to become a teacher, as i already have a 3 National Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting and how long will it take to qualify myself as a teacher

        1. Remember that if you had the opportunity to study for a PGCE at UNISA (or anywhere else), you would have to at least meet the minimum requirement – a Bachelor’s Degree.

          The best way to qualify as an educator would be to either apply for a HC in Education followed by a BEd qualification or if you qualify, straight to a BEd qualification. However, no Education qualifications are available for applicants to apply for on the UNISA website. I believe this is most likely due to the qualifications meeting its quota, hence the College of Education not taking in any more applications.

    1. UNISA themselves have not disclosed as to why they have discontinued the PGCE as well as made it unavailable to new students, so I unfortunately cannot provide you with the info you seek.

      1. Hi, Dylan.
        My apologies if you have already answered this question, I have completed my Btech in Public Relations Management and want to do pgce at Unisa would I be able to apply this year?

        1. While you could possibly apply for a PGCE qualification, you do need to meet the requirements set by Unisa in order to qualify for the PGCE. Keep in mind that only the PGCE Senior and FET qualifications are available. So please review all PGCEs and see whether you meet the requirements (for example, Maths at 3rd level, English at 2nd level, etc).

          I hope this information helps you in any way.

          1. I have a degree in political science with only one subject which is history, is there anything that I can do to qualify?? e.g the bridging option like in other courses!

    1. You will be unable to apply for a UNISA PGCE qualification as it will not be available for new students from 2020 and onwards.

      Only students who are already registered for a PGCE will be able to do the qualification.

  4. i applied for PGCE last year and already have a student number but i was unable to pay application fee on time. so just wanna know i will be accepted for PGCE next if i pay now.

    1. PGCE will not be available to new students from 2020 onwards and is only available to those who are already registered for it. You will not be accepted to study for a PGCE at UNISA in 2020.

  5. Hi.
    Iv applied for PGCE for the last semester then they accepted me but i ddnt register , so do I have to apply again or Can I go and register next year?

    1. You canno t apply for a PGCE at UNISA as they have discontinued 2 of the 3 available PGCEs. The 3rd PGCE option will not be available for new students to study from 2020 onwards.

    2. Nkululeko