Unisa PGCE Qualifications in 2022

The teaching profession is considered to be one of the most rewarding careers for many to pursue, especially if those people have a drive and passion for teaching young people.


However, for those who already have an undergraduate degree to their name and do not want to waste 4 years on pursuing a Bachelor of Education (BEd) certificate can do the Postgraduate Certificate in Education, also known as the PGCE.


What is the PGCE?

 The PGCE is a qualification that will allow qualified students to pursue a career in Education without having to do a BEd undergraduate degree.


In other words, it’s the perfect qualification for those who do not want to spend 4 years doing a degree when they already have one. The PGCE is designed to help you teach subjects that are relevant to your prior undergraduate degree/national diploma.


The university has phased out all PGCE programmes except the Senior and FET PGCE programme, with all other PGCE programmes being phased out. Students looking to teach at a lower level than Grade 8 will have to pursue doing a BEd programme in its respective field.


What Does the PGCE Qualification Consist Of?

The PGCE qualification mainly consists of 10 year modules and a selection of semester modules. However, there is the option of choosing a year module over a semester module when it comes to choosing a module from a group other than Group A.


The course takes one year to complete, with a maximum of three years allowed for students to fully complete the qualification.


All PGCEs adopt the same modules bar modules that are specific to the PGCE subject, such as a subject for how to teach Math, Accounting, and so forth.


Credits earned from doing modules used for non-degree/non-diploma purposes can also count towards the maximum number of credits which is allowed.


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The Benefits of Studying a PGCE Qualification at Unisa in 2022


There will always be a high demand for educators in South Africa (and abroad) in 2022. This is especially since doing a PGCE can both be a full-time gig as well as provide people with an alternative source of income (if becoming a full-time teacher is not your main goal).


There are many other reasons why people consider studying a PGCE qualification, including:


  • Pursuing a PGCE qualification can help you become more employable in a number of sectors (not only teaching)
  • Doing a PGCE can help continue your educational, professional, and personal growth
  • Having a PGCE can help you to study towards a Masters in Education
  • The PGCE is an internationally-recognized qualification, meaning that you would be able to teach anywhere in the world
  • The PGCE can allow you to forge a different career path in the education sector (from teacher to headmaster/principal)


What PGCE Qualifications are Available at Unisa in 2022

 Unisa currently offers 20 PGCE Senior and FET qualifications on its platform. As mentioned before, the university do not offer the following kind of PGCE qualifications due to it being phased out:


  • Foundation and ECD PGCE
  • Intermediate and Senior Phase PGCE

See below for the current available PGCE qualifications that are available to study at Unisa in 2022:



The university do offer Foundation and Intermediate Phase qualifications on its platform that can be done without a degree. View and learn more about these range of Education qualifications online here.


The PGCE is currently the ONLY recommended alternative issued by Unisa for students to become a professional teacher. Other diploma and certificate qualifications issued by Unisa’s College of Education department will not allow students to become a professional teacher.


What are the Requirements to Study a PGCE Qualification at Unisa?

 To do a specific PGCE qualification, students must have studied an undergraduate qualification relevant to the PGCE. It would not make sense, for example, for students who have an undergraduate degree in Banking to study a PGCE in Agriculture.


Students can only pursue a PGCE that is relevant to what they learned in their previous degree/national diploma. The basic requirements that are needed by each student in order to qualify for a PGCE programme at Unisa include:


  • A Senior Certificate with exemption;
  • An appropriate Bachelor’s degree or equivalent National Diploma qualification
  • Have an APS of 42


Previously obtained qualifications from students will have to have had completed certain subject fields within their prior qualification up to the third level.


Students who fail to meet the requirements when it comes to subject choice are allowed to register one level for a required school subject if not met for non-degree purposes (NDP). Students who do require to do more than one level to do their PGCE will have to instead do a BEd degree qualification.


What Are the Current Costs of Doing a PGCE at Unisa in 2022?

In 2022, the current fees to study a one-year PGCE qualification at Unisa is:


  • Year Modules: R 1 850
  • Semester Modules: R1 780


In total, students would have to fork up a minimum of R18 150 (price subject to change) to do the PGCE in one year. The costs exclude additional services and fees such as library fees, miscellaneous fees, textbooks, etc.



While pursuing a career in education is admirable, it has to be pointed out that the teaching profession in South Africa is not in very high demand. According to a study from February 2021, the national teacher vacancy rate stood at only 5.8%. This is roughly 24 556 vacant positions out of 372 512.


Fortunately, having a PGCE qualification to your name can open up the doors to work not only locally but internationally too (especially if teaching in the English language).


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Published: 27 February 2022


28 thoughts on “Unisa PGCE Qualifications in 2022”

  1. Shakeera Nelson

    I would like to enquire if i would be able to complete PGCE Senior Phase if i have the following qualifications:
    NQF5 Banking
    NQF5 Diploma in ECD

  2. Hi i would like to as if i will be able to complete PGCE senior phase if i have the following qualification
    N5 Electical engineering

    1. This would depend on which PGCE it is that you want to do. Regardless of that, you would not be able to do the PGCE Senior Phase qualification with an Electrical Engineering N5 certification to your name

      1. Please have a look at the admission requirements for the PGCE qualifications so that you can see whether you do qualify to do a PGCE or not

    1. This depends on which PGCE qualification it is that you want to pursue. Each qualification comes with its own admission requirements, so make sure that you meet the requirements before determining whether you qualify or not.

  3. Hi again I would like to know the R1780 SEMESTER module cost , is it covering per module or the whole semester fees? Same with the R1815 YEAR cost is it covering the whole module fees or per module?

    1. The R1780 Semester fee is per module, so if you had 5 modules to do, you would pay 1780 x 5. The same goes for the year modules.

    1. Did you meet all of the admission requirements set by Unisa for the PGCE programme? Remember that you have to meet all of the requirements in order to qualify.

  4. I applied to do PGCE in Accounting as I have a degree in Accounting but just got an outcome that I do not qualify because I do not have a school teaching subject up to second level, I am confused here.

  5. I also have Diploma in office management and Technology I obtained it from TUT.
    these year 2022 I completed my PGCE in Unisa and was majoring in Business studies and Technology.

  6. Hi I would like to enroll to complete my PGCE go 2023.
    I have a bachelor degree in Christian education
    And have a bachelor Honors degree in Ministry.

  7. Greeting
    Could you please tell me if would it be possible for to study a PGCE if I have Diploma in PUBLIC relations?
    I thank you

  8. Greeting
    Could you please tell me if would it be possible for me to study a PGCE if I have Diploma in PUBLIC relations?
    I thank you

    1. Make sure that you meet the admission requirements of the PGCE that you choose to study. Only then will you see if it’s possible to study for the PGCE

  9. Hello, I have a national diploma in Legal Assistance and now I am going to enroll for Advdip in Business Management/Administration is it possible for me to do PGCE to teach business studies?

  10. Greeting
    I have a BA hons in French and a Master 1 FLE. Would like to know if i will be eligible for a pgce french? Does it exist ?

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