UNISA PGCE Qualifications For 2023

For students who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree and now qualify for a post-graduate qualification, the most popular choice is a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) (except for students who studied for a Bachelor of Education Degree). 


For students who would like to study a PGCE at UNISA, here is a complete list of all PGCE courses that will be offered at UNISA in 2023:


What Are The Requirements For A PGCE At UNISA?

The general requirements to apply for a PGCE are that you have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in a field other than Education, or a relevant National Diploma. 


However, each PGCE has its own specific additional requirements. Be sure to check the specific requirements for the PGCE you would like to apply to study.  

How Long Is The UNISA PGCE?

The PGCE is a one-year qualification that you can study after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Is PGCE Applications Open At UNISA?

Not yet, UNISA has not yet opened applications for 2023. The application dates for PGCE qualifications are 01 September 2022 – 14 October 2022. 


The application dates for other qualifications are as follows: 


  • Undergraduate qualifications (Higher Certificates, Advanced Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, PGCEs, B.Tech, and Degrees): 01 September – 14 October 2022
  • Honour’s Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas: 01 September – 14 October 2022 
  • Master’s Degrees and Doctoral Degrees: 11 September – 14 November 2022

What Have We Learned?

  • UNISA offers a wide range of PGCE qualifications in the Senior Phase and Further Education and Training levels
  • The requirements for a PGCE are that you have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in a field other than Education
  • UNISA PGCE applications are not open yet for the 2023 academic year
  • The UNISA PGCE is a one-year qualification

Author: Chloe Bydawell
Editor: Sive Ncanywa
Date: August 22 , 2022

27 thoughts on “UNISA PGCE Qualifications For 2023”

      1. It’s still possible to register for a PGCE (but also, remember that you first have to apply for the qualification before registering. If you did successfully apply, then there’s no problem)

        1. i want to do PGCE for intermediate phase i have a National diploma in safety management done with unisa. do i qualify to register

    1. You have to look at the PGCE course requirements and see if you meet it. Each PGCE qualification has its own set of requirements that has to be met in order for qualify for the programme.

  1. I did a Diploma in Language Practice and I would like to do PGCE ,I haven’t received my certificate due to owning the University ,can I be able to apply with my graduation letter?

    1. You should take a look at the following programmes that do fund students who want to obtain a bursary for the PGCE:

      • The Funza Lushaka Bursary
      • The HCI Foundation
      • The Jakes Gerwel Fellowship

    I have degree in library and informatio n Science Unizulu and PGDEM with Mancosa ph:: 0737226731

        1. You have to figure out what discipline are you interested in pursuing when it comes to the PGCE as there are multiple qualifications upon a wide variety of courses. I cannot say which one would be the best for you as this is solely up to you

      1. I have applied for PGCE at unisa so the thing is i didn’t pay application fee,so is it possible to pay now and register for second semester maybe?

  3. Hello. I’m interested in doing the PGCE and have a BA in Psychology and English Language Studies, I also have honours in Psychology. Do I qualify? And for which subjects

    1. Hi I have similar BA in psychology and English – not sure which PGCE to apply for 90148 – ENG; 90148 – LAH; or 90148 LOR. Can someone please help?

  4. Thembisa Langa

    I have a National Diploma Chemical Engineering. I would keep register PGCE majoring with Pure Maths maybe with Technology until to grade 10

  5. Hi i was doing PGCE with CUT 2018 but i failed two modules, PROFESIONAL STUDIES & METHEODOLOGIE LIFE SCIENCE. Can i still apply and register on the second semester

  6. hi I would like to enquire whether I can apply for pgce for second semester and if yes, when do applications open and what are the requirements

  7. I was enrolling at UNISA few years back doing PGCE. It happened that I got sick unfortunately I was unable to complete my course, because it was phased out 2021/2022. I was left with 5 modules. What must I do about it or I have to start from the scrash with the new PGCE?

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