Does Unisa Recognise ICB Qualifications?

No, they do not recognize ICB qualifications. However, students can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This will determine whether your previous subjects will help you gain entrance into a university or a particular qualification. 

If you do want to apply at Unisa with an ICB qualification, you can only do so with an NQF 6, or higher, qualification. However, it does not guarantee your acceptance. It is up to Unisa to make the final decision.

What Is An ICB Qualification?

ICB qualifications are accredited business courses that offer students specialised skills in business and finance. (The ICB offer the following courses:)They offer the following courses:

What Is RPL?

This is the skills and knowledge that you have received through work experience or a course that you have done. RPL is measured by considering your:

  • Prior Learning
  • Work Experience  

Prior Learning

The student must have a qualification that is registered with NQF to apply. You will need to provide the following documents:

  • Proof that the college is accredited
  • The NQF Level as well as the SAQA qualification registration number

Work Experience 

  • You must be at least 23 years old and have relevant experience of at least 3 years. If you do not have the relevant experience you can complete a POE provided by ICB.
  • ICB will ask you to complete a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and then determine if you qualify for RPL. Your POE consists of your knowledge and skills as well as your records of experience.

What Can I Do If I Am Not Accepted?  

You can apply for membership at the following institutions if your ICB qualification is not accepted by Unisa:

  • ICBA 
  • ACCA
  • CIMA
  • IAB
  • IAAP
  • SAIT

With most of these professional bodies, you are able to study further. The course you choose, will determine which subjects you will need. If the subjects are similar, you will not have to do them again.

Where Should I Go After ICB?

Here is a list of what you can do after After ICB:

  • Study further
  • Join a professional body
  • Start your own business

Study Further

ICB qualifications go up to a diploma. Students can further their education and study towards a degree course depending on their ICB qualification. This can be done through different institutions.

*Remember that each institution has its own requirements.

Join A Professional Body

An ICB qualification can lead to membership at the following institutions:

  • ICBA
  • SAIT
  • IAB
  • IAAP
  • CIMA
  • ACCA

Start Your Own Business

You can start your own business after completing your ICB qualification. An ICBA membership can help you start your own business in bookkeeping as they can act as your AML (Anti-Money Laundering) supervisor. All businesses in the financial sector are required to have them.

Are ICB Courses Recognised By Other Institutions In SA?

Yes, ICB courses are recognized by the following institutions in SA:

  • Boston City Campus
  • Damelin 
  • Milpark Education
  • CIMA
  • ACCA

With these institutions, you can now study further towards a degree after completing your ICB qualification. 

Are ICB Courses Accredited?

Yes, ICB courses are accredited. All courses offered by ICB are approved by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

ICB Equivalent Qualification

Depending on the NQF levels ICB qualifications can be equivalent to many different qualifications. Here is a list of ICB qualifications:

ICB Recognised Qualifications

How Do I Register With The ICB?

Here are a few tips to help you register with ICB:

  • ICB registrations are done on the student portal 
  • Once registered on the portal, students must then register for a course
  • Pick a training provider
  • Confirm your registration

What Subjects Are Needed To Become An Accountant In South Africa?

Students must complete certain subjects at a high school and tertiary level in order to become accountants. Here are some guidelines on which subjects to choose at high school and tertiary. 

High School subjects

You need to pass the following subjects with marks that will secure your place at a university. These subjects give you a basis of what to expect as an accountant:

  • Mathematics (not Math Literacy)
  • Accounting (preferably)

Tertiary subjects

At tertiary level you must have the following focus subjects to be an accountant:

  • Financial Accounting 3
  • Taxation
  • Auditing 1 Or Internal Auditing
  • Commercial Law
  • Finance or Management accounting 3

How Do I Verify My Qualification?

You can use VeriSearch to check whether a qualification has been approved by SAQA.

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