Unisa Registration Second Semester 2019

Unisa Registration for Second Semester 2019 is now open.

Unisa Registration Second Semester 2019 is now open, with multiple registration dates available for students from June to August. Find out more about the process from application to registration below.

I’ve Applied To Unisa. What’s Next?

From 6 to 15 May, prospective students had the opportunity to study at Unisa in the second semester for selected undergraduate qualifications. That window has closed, leaving students who have applied waiting whether their applications have been successful or not.

Students who’ve applied received feedback about their application, some which stated either ‘Referred for Enrollment’ or ‘Waiting for Placement’. These terms may be confusing to some, but here’s a quick and easy walkthrough as to what they mean:

  • Waiting for Placement: There are more applications in that space for a specific qualification (Applicants > Spaces in qualification). Colleges are busy evaluating the applications and students will be informed in time whether space has been allocated to them or not.
  • Referred to Enrolment: This means that the qualification applied for, is oversubscribed (too many students applying for a specific qualification). Complete processed applications for specific qualifications will be subject to a ranking. Students will be notified of the outcome.

Both terms essentially mean the same thing. The way the application process works is that UNISA will assess each application (including whether you qualify for your qualification via your APS score.

Applications would be deemed successful if the following quota has been met:

  • Academic admission requirements for the qualification has been met;
  • The minimum APS score has been met; and
  • The number of places available for the qualification.

Even though an applicant’s qualification ticked all the correct boxes, it does not guarantee automatic entry into studying at UNISA. (see: Waiting for Placement and Referred to Enrolment).

Applications to study for a degree may be closed, but Unisa’s Mid-Year Applications for its Short Learning Programme is now open. Read more online on when to apply as well as what courses are available here.

My application was successful. What comes next?

Applicants that were successful will be notified of their application. The applicant would have to accept or decline Unisa’s offer to register for the qualification of your choice.

To accept UNISA’s offer, click on the following link here and click on the following button to accept the offer:

Once accepted, students would have to wait until the opening of the registration period to go and register for their qualification. The registration dates for the UNISA second semester are as follows (undergraduate, postgraduate and honours degrees only):

  • Semester 2 registration for new and returning students: 10 June – 28 June 2019
  • Semester 2 registration for students awaiting results: 16 July – 16 August 2019
  • The final date for initial minimum payment for finalization of registration: 16 August 2019*

*Estimated final date until stated otherwise by Unisa.

Students would have to pay the base minimum registration fee to continue with their studies. Failure for non-payment results in the cancellation of the registration.

Students can register their qualifications via one of the following methods:

  1. Online Registration
  2. At a self-help terminal at one of Unisa’s Regional Centres;
  3. Fax; and
  4. Post

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However, if a student were unable to register for their Unisa qualification despite applying for the current registration period, they would have to reapply during the next application period.

Unisa has a number of payment methods available for students of which you can find online here. The sooner students pay at least the bare minimum payment payable to Unisa, the sooner students can start studying.

Additional information on how to register at Unisa can be found and read online here.

Can I apply for NSFAS funding?

Naturally, students who’ve applied to study at Unisa in the second semester wonder whether they can apply for an NSFAS grant. Unfortunately, there isn’t any good news.

Students cannot apply for NSFAS funding as the scheme closed for the 2019 academic year at the end of November 2018. NSFAS will therefore not take nor accept any applications for students who want to register in June/July 2019. Dates for the opening of applications for the 2020 academic year are not yet finalized. Dates will become available to students as soon as it’s announced.

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To find out more about what the registration process entails, you can read more online here.

From adding/canceling a module to an application form for readmission, access various PDF forms and codes that may prove useful upon registration at Unisa here.

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Last Updated: 22 August 2019

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