Unisa Second-hand Textbooks

Many students buy Unisa second-hand textbooks rather than new ones. They are more affordable. Selling your textbooks is a good way to earn extra money.

Buying Unisa Second-hand Textbooks Checklist

When you decide to buy a second-hand book, you have the option to buy it online or at a bookshop. Before you buy your book, there are a few things to look at.


  • Make sure the book is prescribed by Unisa and in the current academic year
  • The book should cover all of the modules
  • Always confirm the ISBN code, the title of the book, the author, and the edition


  • The book needs to be prescribed by Unisa and in the current academic year
  • Confirm if this book covers all of the modules you need to study
  • Confirm the ISBN code, the title of the book, the author, and the edition
  • Never pay the seller in advance without arranging pick up points eg. Courier name and reference; invoice number etc
  • Confirm with the seller if you are responsible for any transportation costs in advance

Where Can You Buy Unisa Second-hand Textbooks?

It’s not hard to find Unisa booksellers but when it comes to second-hand booksellers, this is a different task. 


Here are two bookshops selling books at their stores. Both of them have websites to refer to. On their websites, you can view their different addresses and contact details.

Pro Visions Bookshop

The Pro Visions bookshop sells second-hand books. They have a shop in Durban as well as an online store.

Visit the Pro Visions website for more information on their range of products other than only textbooks.

Sherwood Bookshop

This bookshop is a seller of academic textbooks for a number of universities situated around the country. Their main offices are located in Durban but you can browse their wide selection of textbooks online. 

Visit their website to get quotations.


You can contact the seller on the following websites.


Many students advertise their books in the Unisa e-Bookshop. Have a look at that list before you go to the next bookseller.

Students with valid Unisa student numbers can visit the e-Bookshop and buy from the sellers.


Gumtree is the most popular online buying and selling website. They have a lot of customers who are on Gumtree’s website every day.

Searching the city you live in can let you view the sellers in your area. This saves money when it comes to transportation costs.

Visit Gumtree and find your books now.

Friendly Sites

These sites are not listed by Unisa but can help you as well. They are user-friendly websites and are easy to access.

Before you buy the book, make sure of the ISBN code, the name of the book, the author, and the edition. These are the few sites to help you.

Benefits Of Buying Second-hand Books

They Are Cheap

The best thing about a second-hand book is that you can get them at a very low price. That is why we buy them in the first place.

Bargain Buys

Some sellers really want to get rid of their books, so they lower the price even more.


Books are made from paper and paper comes from trees. Buying second-hand books makes the market for new books smaller. New books would not be made if no one wants them.

Buying second-hand books helps the environment as well. You can continue the cycle and sell your book after you’ve used it.

The Downside of Buying Second-hand Books

Outdated Information

When buying a second-hand book, you must be careful not to buy an outdated book. Unisa updates the list of books all of the time. Make sure you buy the correct edition of the book.

That could be the reason why a book is so cheap because it is outdated. Do proper research when buying a book. Do not just buy the book without going through your checklist.

Ugly Covers

A second-hand book may have the possibility of an ugly cover. They won’t be all shiny like a brand new book. If all of the content is in the book, this is something one can look over. You can always cover the book to make it look more good-looking.

Other Damages

Some of the books might be covered with stains and have other damages. There might be a coffee stain, or the pages stick to one another, or the pages might be ripped.

It is important to know what you are buying. Ask the seller to send pictures of the book to get an idea of what you are buying.

Selling Unisa Books

Every student needs a book to study. There will always be someone looking for a book.

Selling your books is a pretty good way to earn extra cash. When selling your books, there are a few things to consider:

  • The book should be prescribed by Unisa and in the current academic year
  • No missing pages
  • Make sure you can transport the book to the buyer
  • Consider travelling costs eg. Courier; Post Office; face to face
  • If the buyer is in your area, always meet at a public place
  • Do not give/send the book to the buyer without any payment arrangements eg. partial payment to cover transportation costs
  • Know where to advertise your book

Where Can You Sell Your Unisa Textbooks?


When you’ve finished a module or the entire course and you no longer have the use of the book, you can advertise it on the Unisa e-Bookshop.

Most of the Unisa students advertise their old books on this site. Students with valid Unisa student numbers can visit the e-Bookshop and advertise their books.


Gumtree has a lot of students who advertise their books on their website. This is a great place to buy or sell Unisa textbooks. Visit Gumtree and sell your books now.

Textbook Trader

This bookshop buys and sells new and used textbooks. How great is that? If you are not able to afford the new book, buy the second-hand one.

Textbook Trader will only buy second-hand books from students based on the following:

  1. Excellent – Describes the condition of a used book that is worn but there are no torn or missing pages, no writing or highlighting.
  2. Average – Describes the condition of a used book that is worn but there are no large tares or missing pages and may contain limited writing or highlighting (max 20%).
  3. Acceptable – Describes the condition of a used book that is worn but there are no missing pages and may have considerable writing or highlighting, the text must not be obscured.

Friendly Sites

Friendly sites help you find a book as well, even if it is not listed as an official bookseller. Before you buy the book, make sure of the following:

  • ISBN code
  • Author
  • Edition
  • Title of the book

Unisa second-hand textbook sellers that you can have a look at to sell your non-digital textbooks include We Buy Textbooks and Quillo.

Last Updated: 28 August 2022