UNISA Second Semester 2018 Applications Feedback

Want to know about the Applications Feedback for the Second Semester 2018 at UNISA, after you have completed an alternative pathway qualification or your higher certificate?   Then get all the information here!


UNISA Feedback on Applications
UNISA Feedback on Applications

Applications Feedback – how it works


  • If you are busy finishing an
  • UNISA will sent you information about how to apply for another qualification that you might want to register for in the Second Semester 2018, should you be busy finishing a different course qualification or higher certificate.
  • If you have already applied for the UNISA Second Semester 2018, you will receive feedback about your application, after all the results have been released and your application have been evaluated.
  • The registration date has been extended to Monday 30 July 2018 to give you the opportunity to still register for the UNISA Second Semester 2018, considering the procedures that must be followed and take place between the release of the examination results, followed by the finalisation of your application.


UNISA Feedback on Admission Applications for the Second Semester of 2018


  • By mid-June 2018 UNISA will inform all the students who have applied for the Second Semester of 2018, if their applications were successful or not.


Please note:

  • Spaces for the Second Semester for 2018 are limited.  That is why applicants will only be offered spaces at UNISA depending on the number of places that are available for each qualification.
  • For more information about the feedback on admission applications for the Second Semester 2018 at UNISA, please click here.


Important notice:  


  • You need to APPLY before your can study at UNISA.
  • Only AFTER your application to study a specific course at UNISA has been approved, can your REGISTER for that course and the subjects that are specified for your chosen course.


For further information about UNISA Feedback on Applications for the Second Semester of 2018, please click here.

Alternatively click here if  you want to know how to electronically check the Status of your UNISA application.


Written by:  Leonor Breytenbach

Last updated:  July 15, 2018