UNISA Semester 2 Registration Dates Extension

Unisa update on exam results and an extension on semester 2 registration
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The University of South Africa (UNISA) released a statement on 1 August 2019 regarding the release of exam results, the extension of Semester 2 registration, an extension of assignment dates and supplementary exam changes.

A number of factors which caused the delayed release of final exam results forced UNISA to move back the final registration date on many occasions. To date, 99% of the UNISA exam results are released. Only students who fall under exceptional circumstances have not received their final marks yet.

Extended Semester 2 Registration

Firstly, UNISA students have now up till 16 August to register for their second-semester modules. However, UNISA has not announced the final initial payment date as yet. It’s widely expected that the final payment date would be the same as the closing date of registration – 16 August. Information will be communicated to students at a later date.

UNISA may have urged students to register their Semester 2 modules, but many still preferred to wait until they’ve received all their marks. A large factor of this reasoning owes it to pre-requisite modules.

Many students were unsure about what modules to register for, especially since it would be hard to register for a module not knowing whether they’ve passed the previously required module. Fortunately, students are now able to register for the modules of their choice.

Extension of Assignment Due Dates

Another change to Semester 2 at UNISA is the extension of due assignments. It’s natural that students worry about how they will complete their assignments when they haven’t registered their modules yet. However, moving the final registration date proved beneficial to students who have yet to register.

UNISA has extended the due dates of assignments for students who have yet to register. Students will now be able to submit past due assignments at or before 6 September, but not after. This gives students enough time to complete their UNISA assignments without having to worry about it being overdue.

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No-Fee Supplementary Exams for October/November Exams

Lastly, UNISA announced that students who qualified to write a supplementary exam will not have to pay the R240 fee. This would bring some sort of relief to students who cannot afford to pay the exam fee. This is also beneficial to students who faced the agony of just missing out on passing their UNISA module.

The gap between the final registration date and the beginning of the October/November exams is short. Students re-registering has to register as soon as possible to ensure the maximization of study time. Register online with UNISA if you’re unable to head to your nearest UNISA campus.

Last Updated: 22 August 2019

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