What ICB Qualifications would be perfect to study from home?

Home studying is one of the best options when you have a busy life. Having to balance a job, while trying to attend classes and lectures can be a drag. But wouldn’t it be easier to study ICB Qualifications from home?


Is distance learning possible for ICB Qualifications?

In short, yes. ICB Qualifications are ideal to be studied from home. Because of how they are set up, as well as the online support available, you will not have any issues with this. ICB courses work like this: once you register for the course and exams, they sed a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) for each subject to you. This PoE contains a guide to completing your course subject, as well as your tests and assignments.

With the study materials (given to you by your training provider) you can start studying for your qualification. You also have access to a large number of online resources to help you on your way, like Together We Pass (TWP), the Student Portal, online discussion groups and much more. This makes it a lot easier to study your course and make it a success. Your lecturers are only a message away, with direct contact available via video chats.

This social studying approach that the ICB takes uses our natural collaboration and communication needs. It relies on our human need to communicate and share with one another and uses that to promote studies. One of the best courses to study at home is ICB Entrepreneurship.


How does the Entrepreneurship course work?

Entrepreneurship is all about honing your own skills and trying to make a success of any business venture you take on. Thus studying for Entrepreneurship through the ICB is a great way to start this type of career path! The ICB Entrepreneurship course is based around parts of the other ICB courses. It contains certain key parts of three other courses, tying them together into the perfect course.

The three qualifications you can pick up are:

  • ICB National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management
  • ICB Higher Certificate: Office Administration
  • ICB National Diploma: Financial Accounting

The National Certificate on Small Business Financial Management handles with how to successfully start your own business. It teaches you the skills you need to get off your feet and make a success of your start-up. In this course, you obtain skills like business literacy and bookkeeping to trial balance.

The Higher Certificate on Office Administration deals with the office environment itself. Teaching you all the basics. In this course, you will deal with people skills and how to manage a team, as well as marketing skills and more advanced finances.

The National Diploma in Financial Accounting is the last step to obtaining your full Entrepreneurship qualification. It teachers key information on how to manage your finances properly in a business setting. You will learn corporate level skills, as well as preparing a business for auditing and strategic thinking in a global environment.


How can TWP help with Entrepreneurship?

TWP is an extremely helpful tool for any course, but especially so for Entrepreneurship. Together We Pass is basically an online chat and study group, with other students and lecturers in your course field. You can share information, ask questions and discuss assignments. This type of social learning is ideal when studying Entrepreneurship.

Because the programme is made up of three other programme’s courses, TWP makes it easy to come into contact with students in those fields. They can be entry-level students or advanced level, but the point is they can help you. They can help you to fully understand the course and how it works. Helping you to get a more complete understanding of the work.


Studying via distance does not have to be difficult. With the right tools at your disposal and the right attitude, you can do anything you set your mind to! So go ahead and take a leap!


Last Edited: 15 April 2019