What Is A Matric Equivalent Certificate?

  • With a Matric Equivalent Certificate, you can do a lot more than with a traditional Matric Certificate because you will learn specialised skills 
  • Once you have completed your Matric Equivalent Certificate you can start working
  • It is also a better choice for students who cannot go to university but want to achieve a qualification
  • You can get this certificate through The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, they offer 2 courses that double as Matric Equivalent Certificates
  • You are more likely to find employment if you get an ICB qualification because all of their courses are scarce skills 

A Matric Equivalent Certificate is the same educational level as the traditional Matric Certificate. 


Both are NQF Level 4 qualifications however, Matric Equivalent Certificates are more focused on perfecting your technical skills.


Below you will find out more about Matric Equivalent Certificates and how you can get one.

Equivalent Certificates Offered by ICB

You first have to complete the ICB bridging course, then you can study either one of these two ICB Matric Equivalent certificates. 


FET Bookkeeping

This qualification is an NQF level 4 and has 130 credits.


No prior learning is required for this course but you can apply with:


National Certificate Small Business Financial Management

This qualification is an NQF level 4 and has 120 credits.


You need to meet the following requirements to apply for this qualification:


  • Grade 11 certificate
  • You can also apply with an NQF Level 3 certificate if you do not have a grade 11 certificate
Who is ICB

NATED Courses

You can complete most NATED (National Accredited Technical and Education Diploma) courses with a Matric Equivalent Certificate.


Your chances of employment will increase after you have completed a NATED course because the learning that they provide offers both practical and theoretical experience. 


At Matric College, you study any of the following NATED courses with your Matric Equivalent Certificate:


Why You Should Choose A Matric Equivalent Certificate

You can gain more skills because you are completing a course that provides you with technical skills. 


It is also a second chance for those who have not completed Matric. 


This allows them to work and study. The skills they learn might be the skills they need in their current job. 


Here are the benefits of this certificate:


  • Work in a specialised field
  • Gain a scarce skill
  • Earn a respectable salary
  • Build a successful career

Studying A Matric Equivalent Certificate

Here are a few reputable colleges that offer ICB courses: 


Study Without Matric

With Matric College you can study the following courses without Matric:

Study Matric Online and you will be able to further your studies where colleges/universities require Matric. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended). If you wrote your Matric in 2008 or after and you want to improve your results or take on new subjects, a Matric Upgrade gives you the chance to do so. You will receive a National Senior Certificate after completing this course. 


Last Updated: 11 January 2022

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