What is a UNISA Aegrotat Exam?

Do you know what an Unisa Aegrotat Exam is? Do you even know what Aegrotat means? Aegrotat is the certificate which a doctor gives a student who is unfit to write an examination. This is what we normally term the “sick exam”, but the fancier version. How does this affect you? Well, if you happen to fall sick and are unable to write your exam, you need to be clued up on the procedure you need to undergo as well as the date for your rewrite.

When applying to write the UNISA Aegrotat Exam, you will need to produce your certificate in terms of Rule 18 which appears in your MyRegistration UNISA Information Brochure.

One last important point to note is that the medical practitioner you visit needs to be registered with the S.A. Medical and Dental Council. It is best to make sure the doctor or dentist you are visiting is registered so that your medical certificate qualifies for the exam.

How Much is the Aegrotat Exam Fee?

The Aegrotat fee is a once-off fee that you will need to pay in order to get your chance to write. Note that the cost of the Aegrotat exam must be enclosed with your application to rewrite. For example, if you were not able to write your exam for a certain subject and have the medical certificate that writes you off for that day; you qualify for the Aegrotat exam if you apply, pay your fee and provide your medical certificate.

This payment will reflect in your statement of account for the subject you are applying to rewrite. As of August 2022, UNISA has declared the fee for the Aegrotat exam at R280 per exam needing to be rewritten.

When is the Aegrotat Exam?

Before learning when the Aegrotat Exam is, you need to ensure that your application is in order. Candidates are only accepted if they have obtained permission to rewrite the exam for the relevant unit. Once again, let’s review the important points:

  1. The days you are put off must coincide with the day of the exam being written.
  2. The medical certificate must be from a practitioner who is registered with the South African Medical and Dental Council.
  3. Application for the Aegrotat Exam must be done as soon as possible to avoid not qualifying for the re-examination.
  4. Note that there is a fee of R280 involved and must be enclosed with your application.
  5. Take the extra time and study more intensely, chances are this re-examination will be made a lot harder than the original examination paper.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way. You can obtain your dates either by way of the examination timetable tool or by accessing your myUnisa page. As it stands, all students who qualify for the October examinations should have received their timetables by now.

The information regarding the dates for the Aegrotat exams will be given when the December/January examination timetables come out, so please be sure to get your applications done in time so that you qualify for the rewrite.

How Do I Apply for an Aegrotat Exam?

The most important factor you need to note is the time-frame in which you must apply for this exam. You have 10 days to apply for the Aegrotat Exam from the date of the missed exam. With your application you need to have your medical certificate which must show the date of the missed exam, you will also need your exam fee of R280 and send your application via email to [email protected].

You can find the application form on the myUnisa platform only under the Examination Timetable tool within the administrative section. You need to complete this form, scan your certificate and show proof of payment in your email application.

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Last updated: 11 November 2023

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