Why Should You Study Tourism?

  • You can earn a respectable income studying tourism.
  • Tourism will provide you with an exciting career.
  • You will get the opportunity to travel locally and internationally depending on your career path.
  • You will learn about many different cultures and meet interesting people.
  • Matric College offers two tourism courses that will provide you with everything you need to pursue a tourism career.

You should study tourism because it is an enormous industry that has many job opportunities. Even though the pandemic influences the tourism industry, it will always be a good career path to pursue. 

You will have the opportunity to receive a respectable income and the chance to start your own business.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider studying this programme:

  • A respectable salary.
  • An exciting career.
  • Opportunities to travel.
  • Learn about different cultures.

A Respectable Salary

If you obtain a tourism qualification and work your way up, you can earn a decent salary. According to PayScale, tourism employees can earn up to R22 200 per month.

An Exciting Career

The industry has many exciting job possibilities:

  • Travel agent: A travel agent does research and plans tours for individuals and groups. 
  • Tour operator: As a tour operator you will work with travel agencies to combine travel and tour into packages. 
  • Tour guide: Tour guides have the task to lead a group of tourists during a trip.
  • Sommelier: Sommeliers can be seen as a part of this industry. They are wine experts that provide guests with information about the wines they taste. As a sommelier you will also have to do research on the areas where the wine is from.

Opportunities To Travel

Working in this industry hold many benefits, like the opportunity to travel locally and internationally. You may also receive a discount on travel expenses depending on your employer.

Learn About Different Cultures

These employees get to meet people from all over the world. As you inform them on the cultures of South Africa, they might also share stories about their own culture. 

It is important to do efficient research on the area you choose to work in. You should also have good communication skills because you will talk to potential tourists.

Tourism Courses With Matric College

Matric College is a distance learning institution that offers various higher education courses. You can study without a matric certificate. You can also obtain your matric certificate or improve your matric results at Matric College.

Matric College offers the following two Tourism Courses:

They also offer Guest House Management Courses.

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