Why You Will Not Regret Furthering Your Education

  • Furthering your education will improve your chances of getting a job
  • The more time you invest in your education, the more likely you will get a high-paying job
  • Your opportunities will increase when you further your studies
  • Studying gives you self-confidence because it improves your skills and gives you a sense of accomplishment
  • Being a student is the perfect time to build professional relationships with experts in your field
  • With distance learning, you can study at your own pace while learning how to be self-determined
  • You can also study from anywhere and work at the same time

You will not regret furthering your education because it will improve your life drastically. There are many benefits to furthering your education.

Here are the many benefits:

Higher Job Security

Higher education not only adds to your CV but also shows employers that you are invested in your future.

Here is why furthering your education will ensure better chances of getting a job:

  • It makes employers more likely to invite you to an interview
  • You gain communication skills while studying
  • During your studies, you learn about the industry

Decent Income

Although a qualification does not guarantee that you will get a high-paying job, it improves your chances of being considered. 

Studying is like a savings account at a bank. The more you invest, the more you get out in the end. This is applicable for the money you put into your studies, as well as the time. 

Many Possibilities

Having a certificate, diploma or degree will open doors for you. Job opportunities are fewer when you do not qualify. You will have the opportunity to further your education after obtaining a certificate, for instance. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended)Study Matric Online and you will be able to further your studies where colleges/universities require Matric. Once you realise how valuable a qualification can be, you will see that there are many possibilities after you continue your studies.

Gain Confidence

Your self-confidence shoots through the roof when you gain knowledge, skills, and other career-centred abilities. 

This why furthering your education leads to better self-confidence:

  • You prove to yourself that you are capable
  • You gain skills, such as communication and writing skills
  • It provides you with a healthy mind and life
  • It gives you a sense of accomplishment

Networking Opportunities

During your studies, you will get in touch with many people that know your field of study. These people include professors, other students, and working professionals.

Being a student is the perfect opportunity to connect with them and ask them questions about how they got to where they are today. 

It also gives you the chance to build professional relationships which may open doors for you one day.

furthering your studies

Distance Learning Courses

In the times we find ourselves in, distance learning is the way to go. It allows you to study from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of distance learning include:

  • You can work and study at the same time
  • It is often cheaper 
  • You can study at your own pace
  • It teaches you to be self-determined

Matric College is a Distance Learning specialist that helps you get your Matric. 

The Matric Courses on offer at Matric College are:

Apart from just Matric courses, they also offer: 

ICB Courses

  • Financial Accounting

    • National Certificate in Junior Bookkeeping

    • FET Certificate in Senior Bookkeeping

    • National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting

    • National Diploma in Certified Financial Accounting

  • Business Management

    • Small Business Financial Management: ICB National Certificate

    • Business Management Office Administration: ICB Higher Certificate

    • Business Management Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma

  • Office Administration

    • National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management

    • Higher Certificate in Office Administration

    • National Diploma in Financial Accounting

Matric College also offers NATED courses via distance learning. These NATED courses offer you fantastic opportunities if you want to advance your career prospects by giving you the chance of earning a National Diploma qualification in one of the following streams: 

  • Business Management Courses  

  • Educare Courses 

  • Financial Management Courses 

  • Human Resource Management Courses 

  • Legal Secretary Courses 

  • Management Assistant Courses 

  • Marketing Management Courses

Where To Study?

There are many distance learning colleges all over South Africa.  Some of these colleges include:

  • Ember Academy
  • Matric College
  • Skills Academy
  • Bellview Institute of Distance Learning 
  • The Learning Group

Last Updated: 5 January 2022

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