CIMA Online Study Groups

CIMA Online Study Groups

Our CIMA online study groups has the main intention of intensifying the service levels to Skills Academy students and ease the anxiety caused by distance learning. We wish to encourage all CIMA students to make use of the online CIMA study groups!


Many scholars are very positive about the effects of the syndicate group approach and they agree that it has a positive outcome.


According to McKerlie et al (2011) syndicate learning helps students to achieve course objectives. In learning, one of the best ways for a scholar to master a concept is to explain  the concept to someone else in a discussion.

Lucky Sibanda – CIMA Online Group Facilitator

Edison Mutematemi CIMA Online Group Facilitator

Some of the benefits which student should expect in our Online Study Groups:


Learning Teamwork  Skills
Learning Problem-solving  Skills
Developing Self-Discipline
Getting Questions Answered

List of CIMA Online Study Groups available on our platform include:


The power of knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge properly is the greatest achievement a person can strive to achieve in their life span. The three great essentials to achieving anything worthwhile are; first, work hard, second, put more effort and third, try it again. Especially with professional courses such as CIMA.


As an initiative to a growing business relationship that will benefit both of us, we are pleased to facilitate the process of learning and sharing of knowledge across the world. We believe our responsibilities can make a positive change in different societies.

Updated: 08 March 2022