Is ICB Recognised In South Africa?

Yes, it is recognised in South Africa. All ICB courses are registered on the National Qualification Framework (NQF). The role of the NQF is to improve the quality of education and to ensure that it remains the same regardless of the college. 

What Memberships Can I Join In South Africa? 

Here is a list of South African memberships linked to ICB studies:

  • The Institute Of Certified Bookkeepers And Accountants The ICB is a training program for bookkeepers that has been in existence since 1931. The ICB is not a training provider or college. Watch our principal talk about the ICB.
  • The South African Institute Of Chartered Accountants Is known as the world’s leading accounting institute. They aim to support the growth of the South African economy.
  • The South African Institute Of Professional AccountantsThey have qualified accountants in the government sector. Their accountants focus on the public interest

Once you have completed the ICB program, you can join any one of the above institutions. Through them, you can also pursue further studies.

Are ICB Courses Accredited?

Yes, they are accredited. All ICB courses are approved by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). SAQA ensures that the objectives of the NQF are being met. They determine whether courses should be accredited. 

ICB courses recognised in South Africa

ICB Courses 

ICB courses are divided into three streams. All of which are critical or scarce skills in South Africa. Their courses include Business Management, Financial Accounting and Office Administration

What Qualifications Does The ICB Offer?

You can earn these ICB qualifications based on the course you complete:

  • National Certificate 
  • Higher Certificate 
  • National Diploma

Where Can I Study ICB Courses?

Here is a list of training providers that offer ICB courses:

  • Matric College
  • Bellview Institute of Distance Learning
  • Ember Academy  
  • The Learning Group
  • The Decor School
  • Together We Pass

What Can I Do After ICB?

Your learning does not have to stop after getting an ICB qualification. Here is what you can do after ICB:

  • Continue your learning with ICB 
  • Study further elsewhere
  • Join a professional body

Continue Your Learning With ICB

The qualifications offered by the ICB build one upon the other. Once you have earned one qualification, you are eligible for the next. For example, gaining a National Certificate makes you eligible for the Higher Certificate. 

You also have the option of doing a bridging course to gain entry to the ICB courses. You can switch study streams after completing any stream. 

Study Further Elsewhere

If you complete your ICB qualification, you can study further to earn a degree at any other institution. Remember that each university has its own requirements. Always do your research first.

Join A Professional Body

An ICB qualification can lead to membership at the following institutions:

  • ICBA
  • ACCA
  • CIMA
  • IAB
  • IAAP
  • SAIT

With most of the professional bodies, you are able to get a membership and study further through them.

Do I Need To Be Good At Math To Become A Bookkeeper?

No, you do not. Bookkeeping does not involve advanced math therefore having basic knowledge of math will give you the chance to start a career in this field. 

What Is The Difference Between An Accountant And A Bookkeeper?

The role of the bookkeeper is to record all financial activity of a business. This includes payroll, sales and expenses. 

The accountant’s duty is to interpret this information so they can prepare the financial statements of the business.  

Is Bookkeeping A Dying Trade?

No, it is not a dying trade. The constant growth of technology has given rise to new ways for bookkeepers to record statements. This involves tools like Google sheets. These tools help boost accuracy and shorten the time it takes to complete tasks. 

How Do I Register With The ICB?

Students studying through a training provider must register with their college and then register with ICB. registrations are done on the ICB student portal.

What Can I Study Without Matric?

Here is a list of courses you can study without matric:

Where Can I Study Bookkeeping In South Africa?

At matric college you can complete a bookkeeping course within 16 months depending on how quick you learn.

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