How Much Do Bookkeepers Get Paid?

The average salary of a bookkeeper in South Africa is R177, 096 a year. This increases as they gain more experience and qualifications

Average salary of a bookkeeper in South Africa

What Bookkeeping Qualifications Can I Get With ICB?

Here are the following bookkeeping qualifications you get at ICB:

Completing the first qualification makes you eligible for the next as ICB qualifications build on each other. You can get your first bookkeeping qualification by completing five subjects. 

What Is The Difference Between ICB And IAB?

Institute Of Certified Bookkeepers International Association Of Bookkeepers
Focuses on both manual and computerised accountingCourses focused on providing business and financial skills Focuses only on computerised accounting Courses focused on digital media and marketing

What Do Bookkeepers Do?

Here is a list of duties that bookkeepers do on a regular basis:

  • Record daily transactions
  • Sending invoices and keeping track of accounts receivable
  • Handling accounts payable ledger
  • Keeping an eye on cash flow
  • Preparing books for the accountants

Is There A High Demand For Bookkeepers?

Yes, there is a high demand for bookkeepers. Finance is an important part of a business and the role of bookkeepers is always expanding. 

With the constant growth of technology, bookkeepers now have new ways to record statements. These include tools like Google sheets. By using these tools, you can increase accuracy and speed up the process. 

Is Bookkeeping An Easy Job?

This depends on your determination and interest. Becoming a bookkeeper requires training and experience and you need to be able to provide clients with quality service.

Which Is Better Bookkeeping Or Accounting?

Both careers play an important role in the growth of the business. Therefore it cannot be said that one is better than the other as they have separate responsibilities in a company. 

For example, a bookkeeper records all the daily transactions in a business and an accountant interprets those recordings into financial statements.    

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Bookkeeping Course?

Depending on the level of your qualification it can take a minimum of one year to complete a bookkeeping course. 

Can You Be A Bookkeeper With No Experience?

Yes, you can become a bookkeeper with no experience if you take the necessary steps to gain skills in the field. I would recommend you enroll at Matric College to study one of their ICB courses.

Do I Need A License To Do Bookkeeping?

Yes, you do need a license to do bookkeeping. In order to start your own business in bookkeeping, you need a practice license. This needs to be updated every year. ICB members are able to apply for a license through the ICB.

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