Managing your MNB1501 and MNB1601 Modules

Have you ever gone through your notes for MNB1501 and/or MNB1601 modules for hours on end with very little progress? Well then, let us help you find an easier way to manage your business.


We’ve all had the dream at least once of owning some big company. Standing on the top floor of a huge building in the city, looking out of the window thinking: “Should I go to Bali this week or next?”


“I think I’ll just stay for both weeks”

Now we’re not saying that we’re genies that can make your dreams come true, but we’re the next best thing. We can help you achieve your dreams by giving you that extra push because all it takes to put the wheels in motion is that one singular push – and we’re that push.



We can help you pass your MNB1501 and MNB1601 Business Management modules.

Quite easily as well too and all you’d have to do is invest in your future and get a pack of our Study Notes and Exam PacksOur learning aids are designed so you can understand the work with no trouble at all. You’ll read our Study Notes as easily as you are reading this sentence.


And our Exam Packs? They’ll ask you the questions the same way UNISA did a couple of years ago. This is because we use past UNISA exam papers. We never go more than four years back so you know the questions are recent.


Want to Know the Best Part?

Our Exam Packs and Study Notes are just R200 each!!!


We don’t know who you bank with, but we know our bank could never turn a R200 into a fortune. This is because we don’t invest it into different stocks, bonds, or annuities.


We invest it back into you, your classmates, and your community. Because we care about being a part of the growth in our country. And that’s your business: Making sure you make it to the top. Our business? Well, that’s making sure you can manage your own. But that’s not all we’re offering you…

MNB1501 and MNB1601 Online Study Groups


We have online study groups that’s specifically catered for MNB1501 and MNB1601 Unisa students, which you can join for absolutely no cost. If you have questions about a specific topic or need a quick explanation, then our study groups are perfect for you.


You’ll be a part of a group of fellow students who, just like you, are eager to learn. And of course, when we all work hard together and are focused, just look at what we can accomplish – the entire human civilization.


Okay, maybe the study group won’t create a whole new civilization, but it will definitely manage your MNB1501 and MNB1601 modules and for now, we think that is a good enough start, don’t you agree?


Last updated: 6 February 2019

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