UNISA BCom Degree

Facts about the Bachelor of Commerce qualification that might just be what you need to convince you to register for a UNISA BCom degree, through Together We Pass.


  • UNISA currently has almost 400,000 students.
  • UNISA BCom Degree allows you to study part-time, while you are working full time, helping you to benefit your current career, or improving your skills to run your own business more effectively.
  • This qualification gives you many skills with its wide range of career options in all the different areas of commerce in the business industry.
  • When you read through the list of the UNISA BCom Degree specialisations, you will realise how many different careers are available with just a BCom Degree.

The best way to register is online. If you are a new student, have a look at this page to register at UNISA.


UNISA is moving online

UNISA is changing how they work. They are currently in the process of changing from being an Open Distance Learning (ODL) institution, to reestablishing it as an institution of ODeL, Open Distance e-Learning. This aims to move all learning online and out of lecture halls, and to help students who can’t attend during regular hours. 


Moving all coursework online means that students will be able to study the material when they are able, rather than having to try and organise a way to be on campus for classes. 

Why is it so difficult to complete a BCom?

Many UNISA students struggle to complete their degrees, and currently only 12.5% of UNISA students graduate each year. Studying via distance learning can be difficult, because students not only have to manage their own study time, but also have to juggle full time jobs, and often family responsibilities as well.

At Together We Pass, most of our students join because of the time saving that a study group offers, such as having all your study resources in one place, and having a large group of fellow students available for help and support, rather than relying on the UNISA lecturers to respond. 

It is also the only place where UNISA students can safely compare and discuss their assignments without fear of cheating or exposing their answers.

Join Together We Pass to have all these benefits at your fingertips, and your own personal Online Community Manager to facilitate your learning experience. Check if we offer online study groups for your UNISA BCom Modules.

Stay Motivated

One of the most difficult parts of distance learning is keeping yourself motivated when it can take up to 8 years to complete your degree. It is hard work, and with students working on their degrees part time, it can take longer than expected. 

Joining a community of like-minded students is also vital in keeping up your flagging motivation and interest in completing your degree. Join the student community at Together We Pass to help you keep your motivation and focus.

UNISA BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) Degrees

Find out if we offer online study groups for your UNISA BCom Modules. 

Author: Chloe Bydawell 
Editor: Chloe Bydawell 
Date Published: February, 8, 2022