UNISA BCom degree

UNISA BCom Degree (Bachelor of Commerce) – interesting facts about this qualification that might just be what you need to know to convince you to register for a UNISA BCom degree.


  • UNISA currently has more than 400,000 students.
  • About 42% of UNISA students are studying for a BCom degree.
  • This is understandable if you keep in mind that the average age of UNISA student is 31.
  • UNISA BCom Degree allows you to study part-time, while you are working full time.
  • Therefore, a UNISA BCom Degree might help you to benefit your current career, or it might improve your skills to run your own business more effectively.
  • This qualification gives you so many skills in this wide range of career options in all the different areas of commerce in the business industry.
  • When you read through the list of the UNISA BCom Degree specialisations, you will realise how many different professions there actually are that you enter in the economic and business environment.


Over the past few years UNISA has been changing their degree programs, and many of the previous degrees have fallen away. This has caused some confusion about what credits count and do not count, and how to register if your degree “no longer exists”. We suggest that the best way to sort this out is to visit a campus near you and get it sorted out in person. Trying to manage this via email is just a frustrating and nerve wracking occupation!  If you are a new student, have a look at this page for help with your UNISA registration.





UNISA is moving online


Remember – UNISA is also changing how they work! They are bringing more and more online work into courses, and undergraduate programs now have a compulsory online module. Most post graduate coursework is now online as well. At Together We Pass we have found that most our students access the internet via their phones, or at work. However, access to the internet is still a problem, and UNISA has some innovative solutions to assist students, including setting up data deals with the major networks for cheaper rates for UNISA students.  Being computer literate in the modern age, and in particular in the workplace/ business environment is essential, so in the long run we believe that this is an excellent strategy.



UNISA BCom Degree
UNISA BCom Degree


UNISA BCom Degree  – Why is it so difficult to complete?


Did you know that only 15% of UNISA students graduate every year? So why do so many students battle to complete their UNISA BCom degree? Studying via distance learning is very difficult as students not only have to manage their own study time, but also have to juggle full time jobs, and family responsibilities. At Together We Pass most of our students join because of the time saving that a study group offers – such has having all your study resources in one place, and having access to a large group of students for support rather than relying on the UNISA lecturers to respond. And it is the only place where UNISA students can safely compare and discuss their assignments without fear of cheating or exposing their answers.  Join Together We Pass to have all these benefits, and your own personal Online Community Manager to facilitate your learning experience.Check if we offer online study groups for your UNISA BCom Modules.


Stay Motivated!


One of the hardest parts of distance learning is keeping up your motivation when it can take 5, 6 or even 7 years to complete. It is hard work, and as students are working on their degrees part time it takes time. Joining a community of like-minded students is also vital in keeping up your flagging motivation and interest in completing your degree.  Join the student community at Together We Pass to help you keep motivated as you travel this journey that is a UNISA degree!





UNISA BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) Degrees



Find out if we offer online study groups for your UNISA BCom Modules

Written by Tabitha Bailey

Last Updated:  23 July, 2018