Unisa Matric bridging courses

Are you looking for UNISA matric bridging courses for students that do not have matric?  You have many options in this department so keep reading to see the many paths to studying at UNISA.


Redo your matric


A path that many students take if they fail or do not do well enough to gain entry to university is to redo their matric.

There are many institutions that specialise in helping you redo your matric, or you can go back to the school where you did your matric previously.

We do understand that a year back in school can feel like a lifetime, but it will pass you by quicker than you think!

If you REALLY don’t want to go back to school there are still many options that you can try.


Start  a lower level qualification at UNISA


Most people want to start with a Bachelors degree at UNISA.  However, if you do not have a good enough matric certificate you may not meet the entry requirements.

One excellent way is to use lower level qualifications as a bridging course.  Carefully look at the certificate and diploma courses that are associated with the degree you finally want to write.

The entry requirements for certificates and diplomas will be lower than the bachelors, and you can often get entry to this qualification by completing the certificate and diploma levels first.

Remember though that you usually need a matric to study higher education. So if you do not have a matric at all then this option may not be available to you.



Try a different institution from UNISA


If you are wanting to work and study at the same time, and get an accredited qualification then why not try a private distance learning college?  Together We Pass has it’s own fully accredited college that can help!  TWP Academy is fully accredited by the ICB and QCTO, and offers courses in the following categories:

UNISA Matric bridging courses



If you get your full qualification this can give you entry to many different qualifications, such as CIMA.  And it can even give you entrance to a degree with Boston College once you have your full diploma.

There are many different private distance learning colleges, and many of them offer study groups for free to students that study with them.  We can highly recommend Skills Academy, Home Study College and The Learning Group.



Don’t give up on  your dreams


The most important ingredient to success in life is to not give up.  Define your goals, and spend every day taking one step closer.

You do need to plan if you want to reach your goals.  Try to write down where you want to end up, and then it will be easier to work out the steps to getting there.

We know you can do it – just don’t give up on your dreams.  They can be achieved if you keep working towards them.


UNISA Matric bridging courses


Last updated: January 03, 2019

63 thoughts on “Unisa Matric bridging courses”

  1. I wanted to do the bridging course next year at unisa but I can’t get help with it or who to talk to I want to know more and ask some questions because I really want to study at unisa so please help me achieve that

  2. Hi I would like to UNISA bridging course to better my matric results so that I can get entry to do my BEd in Foundation Phase.I am currently in a Gr R teaching post for the pass 16 years, that time I was not financially strong to do BEd.Hope you will be able to help me.PLEASE.

    1. Lower qualifications can be seen as a bridging course. So for example, if you don’t qualify for a degree, then you should do a lower qualification (such as a Higher Certificate) at Unisa so that upon completion, you can use that qualification to aim for something higher like a diploma or an undergraduate degree.

          1. What subjects do you do.?Are they basically high school subjects or are they specific to the kind of higher certificate you choose ?

            Ps. I’ve applied for higher certificate in physical science. Can you please give me a clue as to what subjects I might be doing.

          2. I cannot say what subjects are available for the Higher Certificate in Physical Sciences as the information has not been made available as yet.

  3. Hi , i want to study law but I don’t qualify because my matric results are lower. How could I bridge to qualify

    1. What you could do is study a lower qualification at Unisa and use it as a way to go for a higher qualification.

      For example, you could go for the Higher Certificate in Law and once you obtain the HC, you can use it to study something higher like a LLB.

  4. Mason Gcasamba

    Hi. I want to study Veterinary Science, and I am aware that UNISA does not offer this Degree. However, I do not meet the requirements to be admitted for this degree.
    I would to do a bridging course in Maths and Physics. Is this possible with UNISA, and what is the estimated duration of the course?

    1. Unisa does offer a Higher Certificate in Physical Science, which you can read more about here. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what subjects are covered by the qualification.

      Unisa also offers a Higher Certificate in Animal Welfare, which you can read about here.

      Higher Certificates can be used as a sort of bridging course, enabling you to apply for a higher qualification later onwards. The duration of a Higher Certificate at Unisa is only 1 year, with a maximum time of 3 years to complete the qualification.

        1. UNISA’s Higher Certificates can be used as a bridging course. In your case regarding logistics, any Higher Certificate offered by UNISA’s College of EMS can be used later to apply for a BCom in Transport and Logistics.

          These are the HCs that the College of EMS offers:
          Higher Certificate in Banking (98225)
          Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences (98237)
          Higher Certificate in Insurance (90013)
          Higher Certificate in Marketing (98229)
          Higher Certificate in Retailing (90014)
          Higher Certificate in Supervisory Management (90015)
          Higher Certificate in Tourism Management (98226)

          Read more on UNISA’s Higher Certificate qualifications here.

    1. Unisa offers a Higher Certificate in Education which can be used as a sort of bridging course. You can learn more on what’s needed to qualify for the course, online here.

    2. Hi I like to study teaching but my grade 12 marks are lower and I have done better with electrical engineering N2 marks please help

        1. If you’re looking to study education, you can start with the Higher Certificate in Education qualification at UNISA. It can be used as a bridging course and once completed, you can apply for a higher qualification. The qualification has a requirement of having an APS of 15 as well as having a minimum of 30% in the language of teaching and learning.

          Higher Certificates 2020
          Higher Certificate in Education

          1. UNISA’s Higher Certificates can be used as a bridging course. Read more on UNISA’s Higher Certificate qualifications for 2020 here.

    1. UNISA’s Higher Certificates are used as bridging courses, to be used to apply for a higher qualification upon completion. The only Higher Certificate qualification at UNISA that’s close to Nursing is the Higher Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work.

      I’m not sure though whether this would assist in leading you into a career in nursing.

  5. I have a diploma in management assistant but i still want to study further,i want to know which options are avaible for me in a business related field of study.

    1. This is something that I cannot answer as there are many different types of qualifications out there with regard to the business field. You would have to know what it is you want to study and whether you’re able to study it.

      As a headstart, head onto the following page here. You’ll be able to find a variety of qualifications in the Economics and Management Sciences field.

  6. I have obtained N4 Engineering Studies(Electrical) but my marks are 49%,53% Mathematics and Engineering Science respectively. but i want to Study Diploma in Electrical Engineering how can i go about it?

  7. Hi. I have an APS of 19 and I would like to enrol at varsity for Public Relations. How can I better my matric results?

    1. UNISA offers a Diploma in Public Relations, which you can read more about online here.

      The APS of the qualification is 18. There are additional requirements that need to be met in order for you to qualify for the course.

      To better your matric results, you would have to apply for the Amended Senior Certificate.

  8. I want to do a bridge course for safety management…I have a certificate in the field called samtrac. Now I want to do my diploma but unfortunately my matric results are to low


  10. Hi i have an APS score of 19 from my matric results and a diploma in management assistant, but i wanted to study IT, can my college results help me get admission even though my matric results are lower to do a diploma in Information Technology.

    1. Your college results could be to your benefit. However, as your qualification doesn’t exactly match what you want to do, it’s hard to say whether you could actually apply for the qualification.

      Have you spoken to a UNISA student advisor on the matter?

  11. Good day
    I’m in the process of completing the extended science program for ndp in engineering. I was told today that won’t be engineering next year so I want to do a bachelor of science degree. I was advised to do a higher certificate in physical science for one year . Then go for the degree. I would like to know if the subjects in the higher certificate in physical science are similar to that of high school or more relevant to physical science? What does this qualification have?
    Thank you for your assistanc

    1. Unfortunately I cannot confirm what modules are available for the Higher Certificate in Physical Sciences as the registration page for it is unavailable.

  12. Good day. I matriculated in 2008. I did maths literacy instead of pure maths. I have a certificate in nursing and currently work as a staff nurse. I would like to study physiotherapy but I was told I will not be able to without mathematics. What options are available to me at unisa? A higher certificate or do I need to complete a bridging course and take pure maths?

    1. UNISA unfortunately does not offer any form of qualification related to physiotherapy.

      Read more on what universities offer courses on physiotherapy here.

  13. Hi
    I wanted to do LLB, I but did not qualify, I was told to first do ten modules from the Diploma in Law, now I`ve done them. I just I applied to do LLB in 2020 but they are now saying I must finish the Diploma first do you think this is correct?
    Good website and your responses are very quick, thank you.

    1. I unfortunately cannot say whether it’s correct or not. If you had a written confirmation of what was said last year, it would be easier for you. UNISA does set the rules as to what goes though.

      Have you spoken to a UNISA student advisor regarding this matter? Also, it would have been easier to complete the Higher Certificate in Law first. It’s a 1 year qualification which you can use to qualify for the LLB. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but you could change what you’re doing now and apply for the HC in Law.

      Afterwards, you could apply for exemption from the modules that you’ve already completed. Comparing the 2 qualifications, you would have completed 7/10 modules, leaving 3 for you to do.

      However, if you compare the Diploma with the BCom Law, it shows that you’ve only completed 5/10 modules.

      1. Please read the following as per UNISA’s website:

        Applying for course credit exemptions

        A maximum of 50% of the credits of a completed qualification may be transferred to another qualification (HEQSF 2013). All credits for an incomplete qualification may be recognised by the same or a different institution as meeting part of the curriculum curriculum requirements for a different qualification, or may be recognised by a different institution as meeting part of the requirements for the same qualification (HEQSF 2013).

        You must have met Unisa’s admission requirements at the time of having passed the relevant modules at your previous institution.

        Ordinary conditional exemption

        If you have an ordinary conditional exemption, you will not be allowed to proceed to second or further years of study until you have passed the outstanding modules and met the condition of that exemption.

  14. hi i am considering registering & studying teaching this year i’v matric certificate, N2 BOILER MAKER, NQF LEVEL 4 COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKER which i did for 1 year, so do i still need to do a bridging course?

    1. These are the current requirements needed to study for a Higher Certificate in Education:

      APS: 15
      Additional Requirements: A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with at least 30% in the language of teaching and learning,


      A Senior Certificate (SC) with at least an F symbol on HG or an E symbol on SG in the language of teaching and learning,


      A National Certificate (Vocational) Level 4 with an equivalent of at least 40% in the language of teaching and learning in terms of the NSC.

      IF you match any of these requirements, then you should be able to apply for this UNISA education qualification.

  15. Hi, my name is Auctavia and I’d like to know if I can do a bridging course and if so, how do i apply for it (how does the process work)

    1. UNISA’s Higher Certificates serve as bridging courses that can be used to apply for a degree later on in your studies.

      Read more on the Higher Certificates offered by UNISA here.

  16. I wanna do teaching at Unisa… But I don’t qualify I need to do a bridging course… Which I have no idea about… Can someone help

    1. UNISA’s Higher Certificates can be used as a bridging course to apply for a BEd qualification later on. Note that you do have to meet the admission requirements of the course to be able to apply.

      Read more on what Higher Certificates Unisa offers here.

  17. I have already applied for higher certificate in physical sciences but I would like to change to higher certificate in life and environmental sciences because I plan to study environmental management afterwards. Is it possible? The person who assisted me should have suggested life n environmental sciences rather than physical sciences

    1. Send an email to the Applications office at applications@unisa.ac.za if your application information is incorrect. Alternatively, you can head to your nearest UNISA and query a student advisor on how your application can be changed. You would have to do this quickly if you have already paid your application fee otherwise UNISA may not allow you to reapply for a different qualification.

    1. UNISA’s Higher Certificates can be used as a bridging course in order to study for a degree later onwards. According to UNISA, to study a BCom in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, students can qualify for the course by obtaining any Higher Certificate from the College of EMS.

      Read more on the Higher Certificates offered by UNISA, online by clicking here.

      UNISA also offers a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences Psychology and Physiology Stream (with Genetics), which has different criteria standards which you can read all about here.

  18. 1. Hi I was matriculated 1998 with (19 points) , maths 40% Physics,40%, English 40%, MathsN4 55%, Electrotecnics N4 40%, Proffessional Cookery Level 4 SAQA 14111(certificate lost), IHS hotel school food and beverage 6 months course. Experience working as chef 3str hotel, food and beverage manager, Kitchen manager(Restaurant and Bording School) over 18 years in the hospitality industry.
    I wanted a formal qualification ,to do consumer science food nutrition but I can not meet entry requirement’s with so much experience in the field.
    I end up doing Higher Certificate in Animal Welfare because Higher Certificate in Environment was phased out. I can see that I am wasting my time here (AW) by the time of June enrolment’s there was no option of Physical Science Certificate.. UNISA Conditional exemptions I am not qualifying either , even RPL
    Please help I am frustrated , I have already applied for course change for January intake (Higher certificate Physics or extended programme food science)

    1. I’m not sure as to why you couldn’t do a higher qualification due to your extensive work experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry. Did you go through the whole RPL process? Remember that according to UNISA, they check your qualification curriculum and identify the relevant modules for possible RPL credits, taking into account your previous work experience and your future academic requirements.

      Read more on the RPL here.

      The HC n Physical Sciences is a new qualification introduced by UNISA, with the first intake of students beginning with the qualification in 2020.

    1. The only way would most likely try to improve your Matric marks at an institution that offers those services or do some sort of bridging course in order to study for a qualification at UNISA.

      Alternatively, you can aim to study at a TVET college or an institution like Skills Academy.

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