UNISA PGCE Applications – 2019

UNISA PGCE – (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) (Intermediate and Senior Phase) Applications for 2019:


  • How do you apply for a PGCE qualification, and who can apply for it are some of the answers you can find on this page.  Just keep on reading!
UNISA PGCE Application - 2019
UNISA PGCE Application – 2019


Qualification stream:                                        New Curriculum

Qualification code:                                            02623 – NEW

NQF level:                                                           6

Total credits:                                                      120

SAQA ID:                                                             20162

APS / AS:                                                             50




UNISA PGCE Curriculum


Very important to keep in mind:


  • It is important to first make sure that you do not have any outstanding admission documents or information that need to be submitted and be evaluated first, before your apply for the PGCE qualification.
  • A student is allowed to be registered for this PGCE qualification, and also register for a maximum of 2 other modules (24 NQF credits) for purposes not related to a degree.
  • Registration will NOT be allowed for PGCE if the outstanding documents or information be more than 2 modules (24 NQF credits).
  • When a student will be able to teach school children from Grade 4 – 9 when they have successfully completed this qualification.
  • Intermediate and Senior Phase directions are both being included in this qualification.
  • A Teaching Practical Experience (10 weeks) is a compulsory part of this qualification and must be taken according to special criteria.
  • This qualification consists of both year and semester modules.
  • During the month of January of each academic year, is the only time that you can register for these year modules.
  • It is very important that you must remember to write down the module names and codes when you have decided on the modules that you would like to register for.  The reason for this is so that you will have something to have as a reference when you are completing your registration.


Who can Register?


  • You can only register once you have received confirmation from UNISA that your admission application has been successful.
  • UNISA has the right to cancel or not process your registration if the University founds out that you have been wrongly admitted to a qualification.
  • As a re-registering student, you may only register for the 2019 academic calendar year as soon as the registration period is open.


For further information:


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Written by:  Leonor Breytenbach

Last updated:  05 July, 2018