What is my APS for University Admission?

What is my APS?

This is a very popular question for many who do not know what it is and how to calculate it. Read on to find out what is the APS, how you can calculate it, what you can study according to your APS and more!

What is my APS

What Does APS Stand For?

The APS stands for Admission Point Score. The APS is a very important factor for any student looking to study at a university since the total number can determine what course it is you can study.

When Do I Need to Get My APS?

You need to get your APS mark before you can apply for a course at a university. It’s very easy to calculate (more on that later).

How Do I Calculate My APS?

First you have to have your (valid) final Matric examination certificate with your final examination marks. Once received, you will have to calculate the numbers that range from 1 to 7 that sits alongside your subjects on your Matric certificate.

For a better example visually, have a look at the APS Calculator diagram below. This system works both for students who wrote their Matric exams under both a new and older syllabus.

APS Calculator


Diagram 1

  • In the above Diagram 1 it shows that you get a point for each Matric subject that you wrote in the final examination.  
  • These points you got for each of your final Matric examination marks, will depend on what percentage you get for each subject.
  • The points you then get for each subject should be added up, and the total points you get will be your APS.
  • (See the below Diagram 2 as an example of how you calculate your APS).

APS Calculator Example

Diagram 2

(Total points in the above Diagram 2:  40 points)

How do universities use the APS to allow you to apply for a course at a University?

  • Universities use your total APS to see if you qualify to study for the specific course at the university you want to apply for.
  • Take note:  Each University uses the system differently for the courses they offer.  
  • It is very important that you make absolutely sure you find out what a University’s specified minimum APS points are for application for a specific course before your apply, as well as all the other specifications.
  • For example: Say you want to apply for a teaching course at a University, then that particular University states that your minimum APS must be 30.  However, another University might state that their minimum APS for application for a teaching course is 20.
  • Also important to remember:  Make sure that you always study hard to get the highest marks/grades you are capable of getting. It is not always enough to have only the bare minimum marks/grades necessary to get accepted for the degree you want to study.
  • Universities also have their own admission requirements for their courses. So the score is only one factor that can help you towards studying a course at a university.
  • When calculating your APS, remember that your Life Orientation mark does not count towards your final score. So if you have an APS of 30 including LO and your LO score is 7, you will have a final total of 23

In short:

  • You need a good APS to be accepted at a University of your choice.
  • A lot of various organisations use the APS system to get access to your marks.
  • Your APS shows if you have the minimum requirements to be able to study a specific course at a university.

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Last Updated:  24 August 2022