Together We Pass has been allowing students to share private study resources since 2008. As we keep the resources year on year as a repository for future students we have now host the largest private collection of resources available to students anywhere!

These resources can include:

  • study notes
  • discussion class notes
  • Handwritten study notes
  • Podcasts with valuable course information
  • Past papers and solutions

Remember that these resources are what have been shared by your fellow students, and are different for each UNISA module.

How do I sign up for TWP Resources?

The starting point is for you to register for a private study group through Together We Pass. As soon as you’ve registered, you can view all the discussions and resources we have available for you and compare your assignment answers with other students!

Join a study group

Join our Online Study Groups for extra support with your modules!

How do Together We Pass Resources work?

Past UNISA students have generously shared their private study notes, past papers and tutorials with each other on our platform. As soon as you register, these will be made available to you. Why not take part in their generosity and share your notes to so that other students in your private study group will benefit too?

Register for an online study group now or you can email us or give us a ring on 021 838 8251 if you get stuck along the way.


Last updated: 16 September 2017

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